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The Mail and the Clue Bat

2004-09-23, 9:16 p.m.

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I had set up my mail to be forwarded for a month. It takes them ten whole days to actually FORWARD your mail (in the meantime they just hold it), mind you. You have to pick a date to stop the forwarding on, which I picked for exactly a month from when I filled out the form. I figured meh, I should be back in the apartment by then.

That ran out on Sunday. I figured well, if I'm going to be able to move in in a week or two, and the whole ten-day delay thing, I might as well not reforward and just go by periodically to check the mail. Which I did today.


First off, my keychain broke two days ago, as I was carrying food and opening a door. I thought I'd grabbed every key, but I guess the mail key wasn't grabbed.
This pretty much screws me for mail delivery. I can't get ahold of Heather to get a copy of her key made, and without that, I'd have to get an entirely new mailbox lock. Again. Three months after a new lock already got put on the thing. When I can't even live there any more.

Fuck. So much for checking the mail. Hope no important bills came in then, or else I'm screwed! (Probably just the DSL bill at this point, not that I'm able to use it or anything.)

I looked in at the apartment. There was a lone repair guy in there, so I didn't go in, but I looked through the windows. There ain't nothing but bare walls, and when I say bare, no paint or spackle or whatever. For that matter, no kitchen, no bathroom sinks any more (those got dumped on to one of my patios, along with the fridge, closet doors, cabinets, and well, everything).

This place ain't going to be ready to move back any time soon. Not any time soon at all. I'd bet offhand yet ANOTHER month.


Because October's coming. I'm going to sign up for classes Mondays and Thursday nights. Wednesday nights is going to be volunteering. I've got auctions to worry about. I had stuff to do that would be easier to do when located closer to campus, i.e. where my apartment is. I was dearly hoping I could be back by October 1 so I wouldn't be making things more crazy for them to deal with here. (Well, not that anyone minds, but it bugs me.) I was looking forward to sleeping in in the new bed sometime soon. Setting up a decent craft table to work at. Being able to find appropriate clothing for fall, which I did not pack because oh, I'll only be out a month at the most, and now I can't get to that stuff at all.

And clearly, there's no way in hell I'll be doing any of THAT.

I came home to Jess's and we promptly got drunk. That helped a lot. Then I logged on to to get my mail forwarded until Halloween.

This sucks.

Will the chaos never end? Seriously, will it? Am I going to be 90 and senile and still craziness erupts anywhere that I'm at?

Last night I was having a scatty attention span and started looking on this Widget World British astrology site. I put in my birth info and I suspected it was reading some of it wrong (uh, I'm not a Libra ascendant, according to every other free site out there), but after that I went to this area of the site that told you whatever planetary influences would be going on with you for a particular date. Just for fun, I tried putting in the date of my next birthday...and this site claimed I'd be in Saturn Return then. I about choked and wrote to someone complaining about it.

I can see it now: during my Saturn Return, I'll probably have my dad die, get laid off, get dumped by whatever asshole I date next, my apartment complex will burn down, and my friends will all start to spontaneously hate me. That's be just enough to top what bullshit is going on right now, eh?

Updated to add that I checked the same site again for today's date and...guess what? TODAY is a Saturn Return day. Holy fuck.

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