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2020-09-28, 9:26 p.m.

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Yesterday I saw a squirrel for the first time since ... you know.
On Thursday I saw the moon for the first time since... you know.
Today, even though the air quality website says "Moderate," it reeks of smoke outside. Back to same old, same old again. Napa and Sonoma are on fire again. The air monitors continue to say "moderate" somehow, but it reeked so much of smoke outside I resigned myself to becoming an indoor kid again.

Dumb dreams I had over the weekend: (a) That my dad somehow had a teenage boy kid in Russia that we found out about. Dream also involved one of those log-carved sofas being in the front yard. Dreams make no sense. I don't know why I dream of siblings since I never wanted one. (b) After rewatching Staged, I dreamed that David Tennant wanted to have an affair with me, but his wife is so nice I wouldn't want to cheat.

I have had ridiculously long nails this summer in quarantine--I guess going out less means I don't snag them on things. I managed to grow out my right pinky nail to over a quarter of an inch long. It finally broke off today, which is a relief.

I heard from an office buddy today and even though I couldn't fix the thing she wanted, said "I don't know what I would do without you." I said "please tell my supervisor that." She said sure, next week, which probably means "I will forget," but it doesn't matter anyway.

Adventure Girl swam with otters and met kangaroos, lemurs, sloths, etc. and it was all adorable. I was all yeah, did nothing this weekend. My boss was all "didn't make more llamas?" and I was all "well, I made another RBG collar."

Some stuff got fixed technologically speaking at work. I attempted to work on BUT THE EMAILS and there's now 30+ of them I don't know how to handle. I ended up having to do something REALLY weird and it's still not done because it got complicated and weird. I just keep having problems and problems.

I can't even be shocked at the latest Trump thing any more. Of course he literally paid no taxes. What else is left to be shocked at any more.

I spent the night watching the end of Riverdale--that show is amazingly ridiculous--and finishing off the collar, mostly adding bling from the jewelry/bead stash to copy the original. Now I'm debating doing a "dissent" collar except I really just don't like how that one looks and it's a muddy brown or black or whatever.

I'm amused at the last episode of Riverdale, btw, which tries to go back and forth between Jughead copying "Killing Mr. Griffin" or "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" or whatever and say....Reggie gluing the principal to his chair and the parents solving the issue of No Prom by harassing the principal (who, we find out, somehow comes up with a reason to cancel prom at every school he works at). Then it goes all Riverdale by having the principal fake a stalker video ONCE AGAIN, FOR AN EXCUSE TO CANCEL THE PROM. Weird note to have to end on for the year on that one. I'd expect a real blowout for prom, but god only knows what they'll have to do on the show now years later if they can ever film at all.

Is it a sign if I found the One Ring mysteriously in my bead stash tonight? I'm not even into LOTR but somehow I have this? Found three other random rings in the bag too, one being a claddagh. Just as I'm considering giving up yet again. I don't want to, but I don't think anything is working. I hope my therapist is well enough to get me to a reasonable decision tomorrow.

10 Questions has somehow not ended today? What are your predictions for the coming year? That Trump will still be president for another four years (and presumably until he dies). I hope I'm wrong. That everyone is going to continue to die horribly. My friends will continue to drift away. I'll still be locked in my apartment for my own safety. I'm never going to get any closer with Scott (or anyone else). I will still suck at and get into trouble at my job. I honestly don't know whether or not to try to predict a vaccine or not here.

Supplemental Question: What's Your Six-Word Memoir on Life during Coronatime? All I want is a hug. If I hug, someone might die. I can never hug someone again.

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