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30 Days Of Truth: Self-Love (Not That Sort), Plus Glee

2010-09-30, 10:44 a.m.

So I should be doing 30 Days of Truth, but I want to talk about the Britney/Brittany episode of Glee first.

It was a mixed bag episode. Where it was good, it was really good, and where it was bad, it was awful. (For the record: I can say from experience upon having a mouth like Brittany's that these days, dentists will not give you anesthesia for ANYTHING less than full on oral surgery. Not for cavities, not for scaling, not for Santana wanting a high. No. This has been a public service announcement for you kids!). Between the dental stuff freaking me out and what they did with Jacob (EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, nearly threw up), squicktastic. And Will is being superlame in this episode, but I guess that was kind of the point. And in all honesty, "Baby One More Time" actually sounded better out of Britney than Rachel, which is weird since Rachel usually has the better voice. Plus, dear god, the relationship drama is a killer with her and Finn. Make it stop. I don't understand how they're cute apart and miserable together.

But on the other hand, the other Britney numbers were good, Britney herself was barely in the episode (thank god), BritTany was quite good, and I really liked the overall theme of busting out all over, and using unhinged Britney as a method of empowerment. Okay, so Will bought a car and Rachel dressed all skanky (yet cute), but that's something I am confronting lately. Being yelled at to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT ALREADY. Though I am totally stumped as to what. The Something Differents I'd like to do are things I can't (like say, singing, I am probably the girl singing equivalent of Ben Stein for flatness), so uh... what the fuck else can I do? I'd love to Be A Star (a la Rachel Berry), but I have certainly tried over the years and I don't have the performance skills. No singing, I've never been flexible enough for professional dance, and apparently I can't act. I can't tell from my end what is wrong, but I guess I just come off too much like me. I'd like to go clubbing more (my dance skills are great for clubbing, but not dance routines when I can't kick above my head), but I don't think it's safe to go alone and I don't have clubbing friends these days. I'm working on the driving thing when I can. Uh... what else is there?

Beats me.

Anyway, on to 30 Days Of Truth... today's topic: something you love about yourself. Naturally, this is the hard one for me.

It's awesome that I make stuff. Tons of stuff. I'm pretty good on producing a lot of awesome things, some of which I've even managed to make up myself without too much difficulty. I'm slowly figuring out the whole knitting pattern design thing, and while I think it's gonna be awhile before I ponder submitting to or something like that, I think I'll at least put the peacock jacket pattern that I'm designing online for free (free because I'm not totally clear on the math of sizing things, so fair warning to people who want to favorite it). And it is darned impressive that I came up with that in the first place! I kind of want to make corrections here and there now, but oh well. It'll at least theoretically be done by Halloween to show off, if I have anything to wear it to besides the office party. So that's awesome. I actually teach people crafts now and they get it, and I didn't think I was equipped for that one since I'm a apeed-talker. I do a billion things in the craft realm-- not everything, but probably a good 80% of what I can do in this town!-- and most of it comes out well. I'll never be a natural-born screenprinter or fabric dyer, but I've managed to get a shirt or two to come out okay.

And it's fun to get people interested in making stuff, to work with them on it, to see their projects getting done. It's fun to talk to people at the CC about what I'm working on or what they are-- the fun of the front desk is that frequently it's a show-and-tell period between the people in the class and the people behind the desk working on stuff. It's passing on the joys of craft. Yeah, not everyone has skills, but there's plenty of stuff one could do even if they don't have any. At the very least, look at how Jackson Pollock had a career.

I do wish I could have a career related to my CC volunteering job somehow. Not so much selling on Etsy, but having a gallery going on out of the building where people could buy stuff would be cool. (I actually made one up in one of my NaNoWriMo novels.) I'm not sure if I'd want to be a manager, but somehow being able to consult with people on making stuff would be fun.

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