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Passing for Sixteen

2012-09-30, 8:34 p.m.

On Saturday, L and I went to the Dixon Scottish Games. It was...small. Like hoo boy, not a lot to do at this small. One small building (not full) of vendor stuff, I didn't see too many Scottish sports going on other than seeing a bit of kids learning how to caber toss, and there wasn't much of anything to do other than seeing the band we'd gone to see--Tempest again. There was an hour between them playing that we managed to kill by eating, but after their second show we just ran out of things to do, so we didn't stick around for the third. We went out and bought some fruit and hit Target, and then she went home. I went to the Dollar Store and picked up supplies to make this year's office trophy for the contest. It will involve a spider web.

But there's one other thing I should mention about the Games: they were charging $10 for adult tickets (17 and up) and $8 for "youth." I handed them a 10 dollar bill and they immediately deemed me "youth" and gave me two dollars back. I started choking in shock. L was all, "If I make myself look shorter, can I get that too?" So yes, I am 34 years old and no joke, pass for 16. Holy shit.

On Sunday, I went to the grocery store, the flea market, and a Jewish food festival. I restrained myself from buying another guitar at the flea market, but did get $2 worth of yarn. I hung around at the Jewish festival for several hours, taste-testing food. They also had craft booths there, so that was nice. I tried apple cake (yum), latkes with apple sauce (pretty good, but small), matzo ball soup (delicious!), a blintz (eh...not so flavor) and a kugel (also eh, not so good, no flavor). L came by later and was all, "I was just eating all of this food last week," and made sure to only get stuff not served by her family, such as brisket tacos. (Yeah, that looked weird. And also looked like those sad little tacos you get at sad little taquerias--tiny and thin.) It was probably good that she skipped the kugel. I don't think she liked it as much as I did--probably because she's from the East Coast where it's all authentic and not Californian.

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