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Breaking Quarantine

2020-10-04, 10:20 p.m.

(written circa 9 a.m.)

I did get an email from Linda saying that the Slack channel idea sounds intriguing but she'd have to discuss it with me more to get what's going on with it, maybe follow up after she's done with Robin Hood. And she said I'm always full of great ideas :) I have gotten dressed like I used to, back in the day. It's like I'm impersonating my old self from the neck down.

(written after I got home)

I did get up the nerve to go in there today was about as "normal" as anything has been since it started. I stayed in there for 45 minutes. Looked around the store, which is freaking HUGE and indeed, wide enough to not get close to most people, though he said it starts to get busy around 11 a.m. and I got out before that happened. He said customers are all good about wearing masks and the few that come in without are all "oh, I forgot" and go back out to the car to get them. I bought a few things--more Baby Yoda yarn and a set of size 4 DPN's since I was inventorying around the house and didn't have any. Talked to his mom a bit about projects and my having tight gauge with fingering.

He opened the bag. Unsure how he felt on the replacement tie, possibly a bit sad since he was all, that burned in the house. I said I wasn't sure if he saved play souvenirs or whatnot and his mom said they put them on the fridge, so I think she was pleased on that. They were both surprised that I had the flyer from his grandma's funeral in there. Then he went for the card and was amused at the envelope saying "I wanna hold your han" and then I had to be "Uh, wait until you get home to read it. No, seriously, wait until you're alone to read that one." Not that I care if his mom finds out, mind you, but we were in public and at this point my having written it looks a bit crazy person. Well, I said as much that I have not been doing well and haven't been going out much, so he's been warned that I am not exactly on the sanity train these days.

But anyway: he seems fine, better than me, at least. Doesn't seem to have decided he hates my guts of late :P So, whew. He wasn't too occupied with customers so I talked to him for most of that. Store is busy, talked about cute fabrics (yes, it's adorable when a straight guy goes on about cute fabric), the pets are fine. They are working on lists for the insurance (per Irene), he said it's hard to remember all the things and they don't have receipts for everything except for like, stuff from Best Buy because they keep track and they keep remembering things they lost. (Note: his mom was all, "he remembers everything.") He did bring up the word guitar, I brought up that I'd considered giving him mine but thought he wouldn't want it. He asked what kind, I said I have no idea, he said he was going to use insurance money to get a new one anyway.

He said that Robert had come by at some point to say hi/get some stuff, and Cameron came by a month ago to give him a bunch of books she got off Amazon and Baby Yoda socks. (To which I was all, fuck, I wish I'd tried more. Except obviously it wasn't going well with me...) And then he was all, I got this anonymous package of Lady Astronaut series.... Yes, guilty. He'd figured it was me anyway. He very politely said it was nice to have hard copies as well as audiobook.

He would like a Baby Yoda. I said I'd bring one by the next time I need to exercise the car.

He did bring up that he might do Acme Theater during the 6-9 shift, but wasn't sure if he wanted to stay that late at work, but of course they don't have Internet at the current house either. ( living.) I'd love it if he did during mine, but probably not and probably not...and if he did another shift I wouldn't get to see him doing it at the same time I'm going. Oh well.

Yes, we were closer than six feet, yes, he hugged me twice. So that happened. I didn't cry or totally lose it on him in public, thank gawd. I didn't go all barnacle, though I certainly wanted to.

We'll see how healthwise it goes from here. I will say that my brain is kind of screwed up at this point from the normality of it all, because I went back home and then was watching two local festivals that went online this year and then was all "Oh, yeah, there's a pandemic and we're not supposed to be having contact with people. I kinda just forgot about that?"

Signs seen: a few heart signs on the freeway, three heart things in the store, drove behind a motorhome with "Cougar" on the back (har), and saw the license plate "CRZY1N2."


I went home and watched the end of Lambtown Sheep to Shawl Competition. I know a few people who do this and their team came in fifth out of eight, apparently, had some errors. Then I watched more vendor presentations. I'm a little confused as to how some people seemed to think they were showing video and yet I wasn't seeing the video....? Mostly the one I was interested in was Knit This, Purl That, which is a yarn store in my hometown that I've never actually gotten to go into--pretty much found out about its existence and then pandemic hit. They used to be in Pleasanton, which explains a lot because I remember they had a store there and it wasn't open when I was around. Well, maybe someday. She said she was going to have a Zoom fashion show after Lambtown was over. When I got in, I was amused that the host hadn't show up for the meeting yet and someone was yelling, "It's 4:31, let's GO!" After she got in, I watched her shawl fashion show, which was very pretty. I am not super into shawls because I can't figure out what the hell to do with them (they mostly decorate my furniture), but she had some great colors and dyes. She has a custom shawl/yarn to celebrate her son getting married, which is so sweet/cute.

I GOT INTO CHARLOTTE'S WEB!!!!!!!!!!! Found out about 3. I'm Fern's mom. Hey, a named part!!!!! I was assuming I'd be something extra. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said I was so excited to whoever called (I forget who it was) and said I needed to be in a show and she was all, "We need to put on a show!" Adorable. Sent Redhead Sarah a thank-you text for sending that to me. She said she wanted that one for me or Templeton(???).

She also said that she's still looking for a family law lawyer and has custody court in 11 days. I actually got the bright idea to ask my mom if she knew one. I didn't quite think so--she knows finance people mostly--but yes, she knew two and recommended some, so I sent them to Sarah. Fingers crossed that works out! But seriously, I kind of feel like (even though really I should have figured that out before) the universe was working through me on that one, like it worked through her on the play. Hell, I didn't even know, you know?

I then watched the International House streaming live festival, which featured Aztec dancers, Taiko Dan drummers, a Thai girl dancing about COVID-19 while kinda lecturing "wear a mask, wash your hands" and dancing slowly and later talking about hoping everything returned to normalcy. I liked "Black Flag Dance" and their various hip-hop dances. Then they did Ballet Folkorico. I was amused by the Indian girls dancing and one that was cartwheeling through the frame. Never saw that in dances before :P
Oh my god, I am watching this girl twirl around and she's spinning her head around so much (not spotting like ballet, like violently spinning) and I am all, how is she not falling over or vomiting after all of that whipping of her head?!? I liked the Sacramento Community Choir, nice singing there. I'm not super into Jesus songs, but that was inspirational ("I Wanna Be Happy.") Followed by "Lovely Day." They also had hula, lovely skirts there.
There are three adorable children, with the littlest one in the middle pretty much doing whatever she wants. I'm guessing she's around six and the others are about 8/9ish? She's dancing backwards half the time. It's so cute/hilarious. Okay, now i am watching an Indian lady acting out a dance and she just acted out someone getting her nose cut off. THAT WAS UNEXPECTED. The three kids are back! Middle little girl is busting a move like she wants to.


I wrote some emails to Loretta, Meg, Shanna. Shanna got the longest one because we haven't talked in quite some time.

Sarah said she could talk again around 9 after the kids went to bed. Messaged her. She didn't respond. Of course. This is what drives me nuts: you can get her to talk for brief periods and then she cuts out. I have a lot I'd like to say to her.

Anyway, that went really well. My second happiest day in quarantine (even if a little embarrassing and...not exactly in quarantine). I got hugged. Twice :)

Okay, fine, gonna go to bed.

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