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2003-10-20, 12:12 a.m.

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What can I say about this weekend? It reeked.

Literally, not metaphorically.

So, I'd mentioned last weekend that Jeremy and Rachel were living with someone who was bipolar. As perhaps predicted, she snapped and threw them out of the apartment this week, so they went to go live with their upstairs friend Renee, who in turn lives with her scary boyfriend Tom and another dude, James, who gets the couch because he's not getting nookie, I guess.

We spent a lot of time at this apartment. Since Dave's car was finally working, he was giving Jeremy and Rachel (and sometimes Renee) rides to and from work. We'd end up hanging around that place for at least an hour before anyone went to work and two hours after they got home. Lots of time there.

The place is nasty. Only slightly less worse than the apartment filled with cat shit and food on the floor for smell. Everyone in there smokes, of course, so when you open the door there's like this giant cloud of pure STINK bursting out from behind the door. And then you have to sit in it! For hours at a time! Being social! I felt like nicotine was starting to pour out of every hole in my body. My clothes absolutely reeked. I felt like I could be smelled from a mile away once I left. I would have felt cleaner if I'd rolled in mud. Why does every single goddamned person in Modesto have to smoke?!?

Of course, it got worse. Saturday night I ended up sitting on the loveseat for a few hours while waiting around, as there was nowhere else to sit and I was kind of afraid of the floor. After THAT is when I found out that "ewww, you sat on the LOVESEAT?" Apparently James had gone through a period of not bathing for awhile (he got robbed and had one set of clothes to his name), and the couch is where he sleeps, and it uh, still uh... you know.

Naturally, I was wearing a brand-new dress that night, too.

There is one intact doorknob in the entire apartment. The rest have been punched out when Tom was in a bad mood. There is a hole punched in the bathroom door because one day Renee locked herself in there. "It's right where my head would be," she said.

Also, there's an enormous lot of trash piled up in the kitchen, and so much food embedded in the oven that MOLD grew down there. That was Tom again, apparently. The men aren't so much for cleaning, of course. James yelled, "NO!!!" when asked to help haul out trash when the girls were attempting to clean the kitchen.

The folks were nice and all, but hanging out in this apartment was making me feel horrendous. I was actually looking forward to going home tonight and doing laundry all night long (which would explain why I'm up doing this entry at 1 a.m.- I couldn't stand the smell any longer and am up waiting for clothes to dry). I was glad playing D&D the way we were supposed to didn't go on. It's bad enough coming home with smoke-smelling clothes every weekend as is, but this was far worse.

I don't know how I'm going to take hanging out there all the damn time until/unless Jeremy and Rachel find some other apartment, but there really isn't any other option. Kinda rude to insist on standing outdoors, you know. I'm glad Dave's got a social life again and I don't want to impede on that by bitching, but...oy.

More later, I should be going to bed.

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