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Another Day, Another Announcement

2011-10-26, 2:48 p.m.

So I had yet another work class in job hunting today. You have no idea how sick and tired I am of taking these classes by now, but I am making myself take every darned one.

This one was interesting in various ways:

(a) a former co-worker of mine, my career counselor, and a fellow CC instructor were all in this class. I sat next to the CC instructor and had a good time. It's kind of funny how everybody knows everybody from all of these classes + career counseling by now, because of all the folks that are getting laid off/reapplying for work because of this.

(b) One of those folks got a callback for a job interview during the class. Which is awesome for her. On the other hand, I kind of felt sorry for the folks in there in the same gonna-be-laid-off situation who haven't gotten a call yet. Though according to the career counselor, this was the FIRST call she knew of anyone getting for the SSC, so maybe other folks will get them later. Let's hope.

(c) The instructor from this one is an interview expert they flew in from the other end of the state. She did things differently from the usual sort of classes around here...which is to say that she went around interviewing every single person individually (in front of the whole class) wanting to know EXACTLY what your work situation was, when did you last do an interview, and give some kind of memorable personal detail about your life. I know you're all snickering at that last bit when it comes to me, and I did too. But this led to a dilemma for me: do I blab the "I'm gonna move" to this audience? The CC instructor already knew because I told her (plus I was angsting to her over the summer about it), but then there's the mentioning to a former co-worker, albeit one I hadn't seen around in years and I didn't even know where she worked now. And my career counselor... hoo boy there.

I eventually chose to blab (the instructor kind of made a big deal about how big of a switch it is between the ends of California-- yeah, I'm aware), and oh, my poor career counselor's face. Hoo boy. That was a punch. I... am gonna need to talk to her sometime about this one. Not formally as in making an appointment as yet (we have 2 allowed per year and I save it for the more urgent moments), but sometime.

I have to go tell another friend this weekend at the Halloween party, and...yeah, don't look forward to that one either, since she's one of those diehard "I'm living in this town forever" folks that I thought I was. Ugh.

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