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Way Too Busy

2008-10-31, 1:51 p.m.

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Good god, I am too damn busy. I mean, to the point where even I am all, "Perhaps I am a wee bit too overscheduled." I've pretty much stopped going to the gym, which is bad, but I HAVE NO TIME most of the time, and the fact that I am just not thrilled with the current group of instructors doesn't help. (They range from "irritate me" to "meh." Damn graduation.) I am getting really ticked every time someone says, "Oh, can we reschedule?" and the last time someone asked, I flat-out said, "There is absolutely no free time that I have to reschedule you. None." If you don't already fit into your assigned slot on your assigned weekday, fuhgettabout it. I am also kicking myself for joining writer's group #2 because while I had the free time for a Sunday afternoon group in the summer, not so much these days.

Mostly all I ever do any more is update the craft blog, apparently. I have too many crafts I have to do. First up was the Halloween costume (I got second place this year in the work contest, and even better, the one that won first was actually like, good instead of not good), AND now that I have this like, horde of Scorpio friends, cramming away at making a bunch of stuffed bats for all their birthdays. (I don't have too many done.) Oh, and I have to come up with stuff for the staff auction on top of THAT. And make fucking Christmas gifts. I made a damn lot of clay stuff, which you have to start EARLY on because it takes weeks for them to dry/get fired/get glazed/get fired again. Especially since in November the lab time is drastically cut down.

Have I done any prep for NaNo? VERY VERY VERY FUCKING LITTLE THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM. I haven't outlined past the first few chapters. I am proud of myself for thinking up a magical system, but do I know where the plot is going when I run out of that? NO I DO NOT. FUCKOLA. Times like this I wish I was a Capricorn.

You know what sucks about being a pagan type? Samhain/NaNo kickoff happen AT THE EXACT SAME TIME (midnight) AND I CAN'T DO BOTH ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. I guess it could be worse, it could be my birthday on top of all of those...I am going to a double birthday party tonight and it's half partying and half Serious Dead Mourning Time. Seems a bit strange, but again, the Scorpios seem to like it. I am not nearly so freaked about it as I was last year, seeing as that was The Year Dad Died And All, and there will be more advanced types around in case of ...whatever.

Mom, on the other hand, is getting a test today that Dave would refer to as "The Louisville Slugger." I can't say I understand her timing, but hopefully that means she'll be too drugged out/distracted to be all woe tomorrow.

With all the crap coming up in the fall, I ALMOST look forward to January, my least favorite month of the year, for sheer collapse factor.

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