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Goodbye, Barnyard Lunatics!

2020-11-27, 6:17 p.m.

I didn't do much today. I was wide awake in the middle of the night again (uck) and then slept until 11. I walked around the house for 90 minutes, finished making the Christmas cards from the kit I bought off Etsy, and then started writing on cards to send out to people. Mom called for an hour and a half and she set me up with some kind of Hallmark streaming off Mauricio called for five minutes to say he loved me and then got off the line fast.

I did hear briefly back from Redhead Sarah--she said she couldn't find a free lawyer but her ex ran out of money, so they are back to joint custody of the kids again. She did say she felt cared for with the recommendations though. I guess there's that.

At 6 p.m. we had the Charlotte's Web cast party online after the last show. ("Hello, barnyard lunatics!")

Kearsten said it was the second best selling because a lot of people bought tickets at the last minute between 12-4 and we "sold out a seven show run in a 65 person theater," uh, whatever that means? She said the show was about the experience of the participant.

Paige said she is nitpicky about book vs. play and this one did a really good job and the one differentiation was improving the goose character to be more supportive, as she isn't in the book. Before this, she thought of it as a book she got forced to read in second grade and her teacher really liked it and she didn't know why. "Once you look at the play, the book will never be the same again."

Karen was making dinner in the kitchen (some kind of Thanksgiving leftovers mishmash) and Sean suggested it be called "Wilbur's Bucket," then realized nobody heard him, so he had to turn the mic on and repeat....I liked the joke!

Sean: "We could not believe how lucky we were" and "Every single one of you was a top pick for us," and "I wish you could see how far we've come."

"We put you guys through the wringer and never once was there a complaint." -Kearsten

"I'm here for the barnyard lunatics." -Paige

I asked how they put together the show (I didn't write down the answer, rather long/complicated for that) but it started out with "We also have that question, Jennifer...." from Kearsten.

"I've been having Charlotte's Web dreams and they've been very stressful," said Mac, saying that she dreamed about inserting a song and turning it into a musical on the last day. "Lurvy's ode to hay, big tap number."

"We're all barfing unicorns." -Paige

They talked about the various rat and spider versions of himself that Spadoni sent them (they tried to show them but that didn't go so well but warned "If you do not want to see legs coming out of someone's face, avert your eyes"), but were apparently disturbing. Paige said, "You're turning us into Wolverine." Mac was all "we're cutting the arms."

"People knew that Katherine was Templeton the rat without having to have makeup on her face, because there's the line, 'Templeton, the rat.;" -Mac

Illy reported that her mom saw all the shows and later noticed that there was a web there. They did not have actual webs on screen during the live performance because of the computer crashing, but they did add it for the recorded.

"It was fun, and not scary." -Mac

"Katherine, you are coming for Mickey Mouse's brand. He is quaking right now." -Paige

"You ever have a pig run at you before? It's terrifying!" -Paige, who was traumatized.

And finally, we found out that the nonprofit/grant/whatever financial people they work with are going to get us shirts for the show! Huzzah! They better say "Barnyard Lunatics" on it, I say!

"Goodbye, barnyard lunatics!"

The Mandalorian: "The Jedi."
"What is that thing?" "I keep it around for luck."

Baby's name is "Growgoo?" How do you spell this? Am definitely disappointed in the name, and also that it doesn't start with a Y.

On the one hand: I get the issues that come up with someone with superpowers being angry (though seriously, this is a chill baby, I can't even TELL that he's angry). I've watched a lot of superhero television. On the other hand, I dunno, CAN'T Y'ALL GET SOME THERAPY TO WORK ON ANGER ISSUES?!

"Wake up buddy, it's time to say goodbye." AWWWWWWWWWWWW.

And the neverending quest continues.... Okay, seriously, baby with superpowers should probably have someone looking after him about that. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnn.

I think they're just going to have to find some wandering Jedi who's willing to shack up on the Razor Crest, honestly.

Watching Superstore:

Jonah says what I've been thinking all year: has anyone told Cloud 9 the pandemic is over, because I'm sure the pandemic hasn't told them that. Because they love money and they don't care if we die, Garrett says.


The episode ends with everyone smashing up a giant prize wheel, which is a delight. Then poor exiled Glenn drives by and sees it....

Watching Minions Holiday Special: "Training Wheels" is cute--I love the unicorn motorbike--but I really love "Puppy," in which one of the minions gets a little robot/alien/ship thing kinda out of "batteries not included." SO CUTE. I want one of those. I texted Jackie afterwards and she was mad that almost all of them were reruns to her. I can't say I was shocked to find that out (I have not watched every Minion DVD).

Watching The Happiest Season:

Before I begin: on the one hand, I want to encourage gay holiday romances. On the other hand, it sounds like the plot of this is quite depressing from all the reviews I've read. Let's see what I think!

* Christmas trees cause deaths! That's....quite a way to start out a holiday movie, y'all. That's like something straight out of Holidate.
* Uh...did Harper not think this shit through before inviting her girlfriend? No, she did not. What the fuck, girl?
* I totally agree with Dan Levy's character that this girl is forcing heteronormativity upon the relationship, actually.
* "They gave it all up to make gift baskets. Which is great." I love Mary Steenbergen's delivery of this line. Like "I am trying to take this nicely."
* Uh, yes, Abby can't make up shit on the fly, apparently.
* Yeah, I don't know what to say about Jane.
* Um, who the hell has orphanages in the US these days? NOBODY. IT'S FOSTER CARE.
* There is a song that starts out with "Nothing rhymes with Christmas. Every poet knows."
* WOW, the twins are creepy jerks.
* John, I love you for calling shit out, but you are so obvious about the fish death.
* No lock on the door is definitely a problem.
* This might be the last year you see Santa Claus. "Why? Is he dying?" Hahahahaha.
* "Santa promised them the complete works of Sylvia Plath." WHY?
* Um....maybe we shouldn't do a plotline in which African-American children frame someone for shoplifting? WTF?
* These are some really blatantly strange cops, wtf?!
* Yeah, I'm already in favor of Abby dating Harper's ex and they've only had like 2 scenes together.
* There is a bar literally named "FRATTY's." Jeebus.
* Wow, Sloane is such a brat. And outs Harper in front of everyone. And then Harper claims she's lying. Abby quietly walks out.
* I feel sorriest for Jane in this one. She may be off, but she's nice, and she painted a painting for 100 hours that just got smashed, and she doesn't want to be left out...and there goes the tree.
* "I have always wanted to try karate," is Tipper (the mom's)'s secret. That's adorable.
* I like how this whole family realizes how they didn't want to be perfect any more. And how Dad was all "I just blew through the family fortune to run for mayor to get everyone to love me."
* Okay, okay, despite Harper's not-great behavior, I ended up rooting for them to get back together. Go figure.
* I'm loving this Tegan and Sara Christmas song, it's so cute!!!!
* Anyway, that came out better than I expected it to. So that was nice and sweet. I love how they're showing Tipper's Instagram showing that everyone's lives are going well.

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