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Fall Update

2010-12-06, 9:47 p.m.

Okay, fine, I'm doing Holidailies again.

Er... I was seriously pondering not doing so. Honestly, because of this reddit thing, which I am not feeling warm and fuzzy about. I keep thinking stuff like, "Great, everyone who has pictures of a cute 3-year-old will get tons of votes, and comments on journal entries and voting them down just sounds like drama..." That, combined with the currently-vague possibility of going to Oregon towards the end of the month and presumably having no net access there, made me seriously consider not doing it.

But okay, fine. I've done this for umpteen years, I would feel weird not doing it, I already do so here I am at the last minute. Sigh. Anyhoo...

Hi, I'm Jennifer, I'm too old to be a kid and yet somehow still not old enough to pull off being an adult quite yet. Awkward!

For all intents and purposes, my immediate family boils down to my mom, who has been nutters for quite a few years now and I'm sure you'll get to hear stories because it is the season of Extra Emotional Nuttery. Currently she is insisting that she wants a Kindle because carrying around Debbie Macomber paperbacks in her purse is too heavy any more, despite having never used any other electronic device (2 PDA's and a Wii) that she's bought in her life. The logic fairy has, alas, never existed around here.

I have no pictures of cute 3-year-olds to provide here, I'm sorry to say, but uh... I'll try to come up with something periodically. Hopefully it's funny.

Current news:
(a) I did NaNoWriMo for the uh... tenth? eleventh? year in a row (wowza) and wrote a book about aliens. Here is a wacky excerpt. It's as semi-crap as my books generally are and it won't see the light of day, but it amuses me that buttloads of stories about aliens are going about right now/while I was writing it. As I am writing this entry, I am listening to a This American Life podcast about aliens. Seriously, guys, they're the new vampires/zombies/whatevers.
(b) I won the Halloween costume contest at work, which I am very proud of. I seem to be on a designing bent of late, as I have been working on designing thigh-high legwarmers that I don't have to knit in the round. I ran out of yarn a whopping THREE ROWS before the end of the second legwarmer... uh, hope nobody notices that I substituted in some Red Heart yarn there. I also got some new knitting and crochet books and am pondering how one does freestyle clothing design so I can use up my stash. Naturally, I start thinking about this during the gifting time of year when I shouldn't be doing my own stuff... though I don't know how much yarn gifting I'll be doing this year. I made a bunch of soap for the relatives, and those I have talked to about yarn gifts can wait until after the holidays, so who knows. I am bizarrely ahead in present dealings this year what with the soap and all.
(c) My local friend group broke up this year, which has well, sucked and I'm still sad about it. Ironically, I spent a lot of this fall at the birthday parties of the folks who stuck around--so that is good, at least. Going to hippie birthday parties is VERY INTERESTING. Spontaneous spankings keep breaking out for some reason.
(d) I had a gallery show this summer, which was awesome.
(e) My volunteer job, on the other hand, has expanded to me teaching how to make glass mosaics this winter. I've uh... to be honest, I've hardly DONE mosaics but seem to be naturally good at doing it, so I ended up being tapped for the job. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully well if nobody asks me anything hard about doing mosaics on surfaces other than wood...

Oh, and I finally got my driver's license. The first step to REAL adulthood, I say. Yes, so folks tell me that holding down a job and paying rent does that-- and compared to some folks I used to know, yeah, that's true-- but I don't think you're really an adult until you can totally take care of yourself without help, and depending on the vagarities of public transport does not cut that mustard in California. So, huzzah! I'll probably talk more about this when the inevitable New Year's Resolution stuff comes up.

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