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Not Too Shabby Chic

2014-12-06, 10:48 p.m.

It's been a long day of shopping. Mom came into town (apparently JUST for the day, she decided to leave late rather than sleep over, surprise) and we went to the Arts Center first for a few hours. Mom made friends with several folks and bought stuff, I didn't get all that much besides a few more fused glass star ornaments. We also got henna tattoos because well... Mom is easily talked into things. Oh well, could be worse.

After that, we went to the street fair in Folsom, where we had to whip through the booths before they closed at four. I got a tiny chain mail tree ornament and a scarf pendant doodad for Mom for Christmas. She got other people's presents. Then we hit a few stores, eventually getting earrings for Angelica and some buttons about ugly sweaters for me, heh heh heh. I also found a tree topper shaped like a giant crown, which was so insane I had to get it. It was labeled "shabby chic," which I heartily disagree with. Bling is not shabby. (Amusingly enough, this was NOT bought in the store down the street, called "Not Too Shabby," which is where the buttons came from. I wore my light-up necklace into Dorothea's, which the owner appreciated. I also got a phone call from Monica while I was in there and I told her about all of the crazy stuff I was seeing, and she told me she's moved into a new apartment close to her business, because the previous folks she was living with turned out to be crazy and literally pitched her and her boyfriend's stuff out into the street 20 days into a 30 day notice. "I thought that only happened in the movies!" I told her I'd send her a Christmas card after I take a cardmaking class in a few weeks.

After that, we went to Joann's so Mom could pick up some batting (she is under the impression that she's going to make baby Aidan a stuffed book, I don't think this is going to happen) and I could pick up more stuff for her presentmaking. Much to my surprise and delight, they also had wrapping paper for a dollar (saves me a trip to the dollar store) and BEACH CHRISTMAS WITH SANDY SNOWMEN FABRIC FOR HALF OFF. I was so delighted, I can't even tell you. It kind of makes me want to do another Hawaiian sweater later with sandy snowmen and a surfing Santa....I'll think about it. Oh yeah, and I also found a plastic canvas sign saying "Welcome to the Nut House" for half off, which I sometime want to make for the door :) And then Mom wanted to hit Target.... so between that and eating dinner, she left here around 9:30. I thought she'd sleep over at this point, but apparently not. Anyway, now it's late and I've got a shit ton of pictures to upload and that will probably take longer than midnight and I need to get an entry up and it's nearly 11 and I just had to reboot,, so sadly there won't be pics tonight. I got a deadline to meet here.

In other news, here's an update on the Gavle Goat. The original survives, but his little brother's been broken and is hopefully being fixed. It also wants an anti-burning playlist, hah.

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