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2013-12-09, 9:03 p.m.

I am still not done writing the entry I wanted to post today--it's a whopper and I have been doing an obsessive amount of research on it. So....hopefully tomorrow. But I need some kind of placeholder to put up here because I don't think I'm finishing the other before midnight, so here we go.

For today's Grinch Week prompt- What currently popular meme / trend do you just not get? Well, I pretty much already wrote this one. But seriously, why must EVERYTHING have a damn Twitter feed?

In other news: I was supposed to be at federal jury duty in the month of November. I somehow never got called in...but here's the thing: they say you are on call for 30 days. However, I kept having to call in EVEN AFTER NOVEMBER WAS OVER...I had to keep calling in every Friday up until December 6, when I was finally let off. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how the federal court is defining "30 days" here. Clearly "the entire month of November" wasn't quite it, but even if they were suddenly only counting business days, 30 days of business days would have run out on December 18. So...what the heck happened? Five weeks of being on call is....30 days what now?

I am posting this just in case anyone else gets called by the feds in the future, as I have had a terrible time finding information about this online.

I am pretty damn sick of OMG SO COLD SO COLD SO COLD EVERYBODY THERE'S A COLD SNAP FROM HELL ALL OVER GONNA DIE talk by now. For the record: STILL NOT SNOWING HERE so it could be worse, though it is very weird to see puddles all iced up in the morning...and it's like, 10 a.m. And there's no end in sight, as the stupid news will continue to tell you.

But specifically, my coworkers won't stop going on about how cold it is....indoors at work. I was seriously all, "Hey, my heater isn't working right now and even when it does, my apartment is not ever warm unless you stand right in front of the heater and wave your arms up. Compared to that, this is tropical. Please stop." They did fix the heater today while I was out, but like I said, it's not exactly ever toasty from December to March or so. Feh. Meanwhile, I can still manage to get mosquito bites in December for some reason.

Any new Christmas music written no longer becomes a hit--the last one we had was in 1994. WTF, people?

Is it terrible of me to like watching The Great Christmas Light Fight because I freaking love giant bling houses?

Honestly, I went to the gym tonight and then had to hike to the Trader Joe's to find soy-free pizza for potluck tomorrow night and I got home late and am freaking starving and about to eat a second dinner, so I'm gonna wrap this boring entry up.

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