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YA Night

2017-12-10, 8:32 a.m.

Since Jackie was out sick yesterday, I did some shopping by myself. I had a bunch of errands to run that involved either shopping or dropping off stuff, so I went to the post office to pick up stamps, then I went out to Sacramento to get some glass-sticking Velcro to fix my Fastpass in my car (it's a toll thing, it sticks to your windshield, I got my windshield replaced and it had to be peeled off and did not restick back). I saw a new thrift store across the street and got a few books and shirts while I was there, then went to Barnes and Noble to use some coupons. I checked out an acting book from the library that I've been holding on to for like 2 months now and I decided to actually go purchase the thing, and got a book on intuition and the office White Elephant gift (a kitten card game). I also went to Urban Outfitters and got some silly crap like two rainbow rabbit mugs, a gold fidget spinner pin (it does spin) that cost more than my actual fidget spinner does, a lightning shaped pin and finally, a Festivus pole because I found one that was $12 and that is the cheapest I have ever found when looking for one. After that, I went by the library to drop off/pick up more books.

I haven't gotten that far along in recapping the last year here yet, but I need to spoil ahead of time here:

(a) Mom has a boyfriend! As of June! It is going very well.

(b) He has a son who lives in my town, works for the same giant org I do (but in a drastically different field so I have not run into him there), we have a major in common and it sounds like we have a lot of interests in common, except I've never run into him.

(c) I haven't met either of these dudes yet, though the rest of them have all met each other.

(d) I am feeling kind of funny about that last bit. I mean, it's been nearly six months here and my parents used to harp on me about meeting dudes I dated earlier than this. However, it doesn't sound like the boyfriend is particularly into the idea of meeting me (yet?)* and I DO NOT WANT TO NAG ABOUT THIS like uh, certain people would if it was the other way around. I do not want to be a nag and I'm not gonna do it unless I absolutely have to and this isn't a have to.

* Though he and Mom are coming to see David Sedaris in May here and I got asked to get the tickets...which I got next to my tickets. So one way or another I am forcing this issue in May if not sooner.

(e) The son sounds like he is fairly well accomplished at working on writing, unlike me who never does anything. He is a board member of an organization that has actors performing stories once a month here. I went to it once two years ago with Meg and while I like the idea, I felt like the works selected were way too literary for my shallow sci-fi plebian tastes. I looked at their website when I heard something about how you could apply to be a reader, but they want a written resume and I literally have no acting resume to submit, so... never mind.

(f) The one time Mom met the son, he suggested that I attend this thing (or so I deduced because I think Mom wasn't super clear on the details).

I actually would have wanted to go to last month's because a local author I like was in it, but that was the same night I was seeing Samantha Bee, so....sigh, never mind. But this month was going to be "YA night" with a YA author, so I took a chance figuring that this might actually have stuff I liked being read. Added bonus: I am told that the son is good pals with one of the people who was reading aloud that night.
Therefore, I reasonably assumed that oh...maybe the dude might show up tonight. I was wondering. I can't say for sure if he would know what I look like/Googled for me/saw whatever pics my mom has sent his dad, but I am uh...distinctive enough that if he had, he probably could. I admit this would be weird.

However, dude didn't show up, as far as I could tell. I'm not super awesome at recognizing people IRL when I've only seen their picture first, but I am fairly certain he was not there and I was kinda disappointed at that. But's probably all for the best somehow. Lord knows this could have been weird.

(Oh, and as Theresa pointed out, sometimes it's "fun" to have to explain the weird thing you are making in public.)

As for the readings, one of them was from a new YA book. I enjoyed the reading of the first few chapters of it quite a bit, though I don't know if I feel like buying it or not (I did buy like 4 books today already). The other one was a short story about a kid who is sick of eating frozen meat and wants to steal some eggs. It was well written but not the sort of thing I would have been into reading on my own whatsoever (cold, depressing, everyone is poor, Trump is being paraphrased). Literary again, with lots of "vivid description!" which is everyone else except me's sort of thing.

Ah well.

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