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Scheduling, Again

2007-12-12, 10:31 p.m.

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So, one way or another, here's what my schedule will tentatively look like next winter. As usual, it is obscenely busy. Oh well, it's not like there's going to be any television to watch any more...

Mondays: can attend step 3 class right after work pretty regularly. Yay for that. Other than that, I am not sure. The CC is offering a couple of short Monday night classes in clothing alterations (okay, I know how to sew, but that could be useful) and digital photography (god knows mine needs help), so I may do those. If I take both, though, that whole working out thing flies out the window pretty much all quarter. I am also pondering taking a hip-hop class because the gym is now offering dance classes and that's the lone one I have the time to do, but that won't fly if I take the other classes.

Tuesdays: This one works out very nicely: my favorite weights class is at 6, followed by Zumba at 7, and then at 8:30 (though this goes the rest of the night) would be a class taught by the coven leader on gods and goddesses. And I ever have some spare minutes in between to eat or socialize or uh, something.

Wednesdays: Kind of a mess, since I'll be going to writer's workshop on half of them and Surprise! There Might Be Pie! class (I REALLY NEED TO GET AROUND TO WRITING ABOUT THIS) on the weeks I don't have workshop. I can cram in another step class on the pie nights.

Surprise Pie (as I abbreviate it) is a class where the teacher makes up the night's subject matter pretty much on the fly. Oh, and sometimes there is some sort of pie. It's Wacky Fun! I actually wrote up notes as to what went on the first night that I was going to publish here, but somehow I keep losing and finding and losing that damn page. I will try to find it sometime...

Thursdays: As usual, volunteering is on this night because it's the easiest night to book it on and nothing too interesting otherwise goes on Thursdays. I don't know what I'm going to do next quarter when my birthday is on a Thursday...sure, we could have a party on shift, or I could be an ass and flake on going,, if possible I'd rather avoid trying to think that one out and switching shifts.

Fridays: Yay, they're having kickboxing class when I get off work again! I miss kickboxing, but the instructor usually likes to teach late at night and I am just not in the mood to stick around campus that long to get it in.

Saturdays: Mostly dance class, with the occasional CC workshop, as usual. They're offering a class in cable techniques, which I plan on taking. I never bothered to learn how to use a cable needle because I'm not terribly fond of old-school cable sweaters (they look like you gained 50 more pounds just wearing them), but and other places keep coming out with cute, non-50-pound-looking items that require you to use a cable needle. So I suppose I should learn it.

I'm vaguely pondering taking a ceramics workshop in glazes or raku on a weekend day, but am not sure if I will bother or not. Maybe I'll save doing that for a quarter where there's not a whole lot else I want to take.

The nice thing is that working events this fall for CC credit should give me about $80 of free money to spend there, should I be feeling broke at any time I have class sign-ups. Actually, it kind of looks like a cheap quarter all around. I don't have to pay extra fees to the Experimental College and the G&G class is free, so I'll only have to pay $25 to them, and $25 to the gym (more if I take hip-hop, but probably not), and I get half off/freebies from the CC even if I don't use my credit. So, nice.

Of course, my life is going to be ca-razy, but it's not like there's TV to watch. And I'll be getting in more gym time, which is good.

On the NaNo boards, people are debating doing another writing month. I think (against my pleading for it to be done in January, because January sucks) they all want it to be in April. I wasn't too thrilled with that since that's in mid-Birthday Season, Picnic Day Month, Scramble Around Before Whole Earth Month, etc. and I'm busy, but looking at the winter, maybe it's a good thing to not do it until April. Especially if I actually do NaNoEdMo in March.

In other news, I have had more scheduling drama going on. Mainly because there are parties being held on the 16th (which I definitely can't go to because I'll be coming back from my trip then, sigh) and the 21st, the latter of which was dicey. I have friends returning from Ireland that week and they wanted to have a Yule party...which meant the 21st or 22nd. 21st is normally around when I would probably be going back to the Bay Area, since I won't be spending Christmas in Folsom. If they did it on the 21st, I could possibly swing it, but the night of the 22nd? Um... that would probably cause Drama with me not coming home until right before Christmas. At the very least, nothing gets done until I go home with regards to Christmas (presents or tree or much of anything), so my not starting until the day before would be be A Problem.

They finally picked a date- have a sleepover/all-nighter party on the 21st from 2 p.m. to noon the next day, and people can drop in and out whenever they so choose. I think I can manage that without too much Drama getting caused.

As for real life drama, Uncle Bruce is having defibrillator issues and has gone off to Kaiser to have them dealt with, and the PITA side family members are freaking out. I'm not sure what to make of it, since his big cardiac issues happened long before I was born and other than having a similar incident to this happen a few years ago when they were in Montana dealing with the grandparents, I pretty much haven't been around at the times this occurred. I don't know squat about heart issues/defibrillators to know whether or not I should be panicking right now.

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