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Another Office Holiday Party

2011-12-16, 5:36 p.m.

So, it was the office party time again. Pretty same old, same old at this point. The high of the time, as usual, is the gift stealing. I stole a gift and had two stolen from me. I wasn't surprised at either time and figured both were going to be, so I didn't get too attached. One was a singing stuffed pig and the other was a "holiday dinner platter" of dog toys which were actually pretty cute. I finally ended up with a movie trivia game, which I'm cool with. Really, as long as I get some kind of toy out of these things, I'm happy. This year actually had more toys than usual (usually there is like ONE toy, and last year the closest thing to a toy was the knife I ended up with), so that was nice. I restrained myself from stealing someone's stuffed dog, so points to me for that too.

I brought BACON candy canes from Archie McPhee, so that actually got stolen a bit. This pleased me. I usually want to bring something fun and uh, nobody else is into that so much. Finally, a gift idea for everyone!

Here is today's Jezebel bracket. I am calling it now: Christmas Shoes for the win, Wonderful Christmas Time in at #2. Or at least, I hope Grandma isn't in the top 2 :P That's it for song blogging today, I'll probably do some more next week....

Not much has been going on in the last few days. I have been knitting a pair of leggings and love how they came out so much that I want to get more color-change-y yarn and make some more pairs. I plan to look for some at Michael's in Woodland on Monday when I've got a car again. I was rather tempted to move up my reservation to tonight, but it looks like that kind of yarn is on sale next week, so I might as well wait. Merry, her kid, and I got our manager at the CC to let us in this week to work on stuff, so I got to spin some yarn for the first time all year. I've got a giant pile to go through and I didn't get to spin all quarter. We might do it again on Monday if/when the manager is free, let's hope. (It would be going on after my shopping trip.)

I am kind of at a loss for what to work on in knitting at the moment until I can start on some more leggings. I can't help but notice that people have a lot of these animal hats on lately and that seems to be The New Trend. I kind of find them cute (especially a cow one a girl I know got), but keep going back and forth about making one because I usually do NOT look good in normal knitted hats with no brims. Or the earflap hats, which is why I never kept any of the Jayne hats I made years ago. I'm not sure why, maybe it's a lack of bangs or something. I have also been pondering making some kind of knitted mouth guard thing for when it's super frosty in the morning, because even if I am covered everywhere but my face, I'm still cold because my face is. I found a pattern for one that I'll probably try out soon. There's also a strange kind of giant hood thing called a "balaclava" (how do you say this? like baklava?) that seems to be a ski mask, but I think that might frighten people if I wore that in public. Plus it'd give you massive bad hair.

Then I saw this "Bunnyclava." Alas, it's toddler-sized, but it kind of gave me an idea. Make an earflap hat, make some bunny ears on top, and make a removable/button on mouth flap for cold weather. So I am now working on designing that.

Tomorrow, I will have nothing to do. The CC isn't open, no classes going on at the gym to motivate my ass out the door, nobody around. It's gonna be so weird. I think I may just stay in watching movies and knitting and crocheting stuff. And plot mix CD's. I'm trying to come up with something choice for the coworkers. The ladies would probably prefer a "nice" mix, but the guy is definitely getting a "naughty" because he loves the wacky novelty stuff like I do. I passed him this Christmas rap album and he was liking it.Actually, it's a good album unless you absolutely hate rap. I recommend it.

My mom also wants me to make some, well...fugly hot pink cowls for her friends. I said sure, but she picked out this freaking hot pink tinsel yarn and it's blinding and kinda sheds. Mom adores Fun Fur yarn and I do not. Sure, it looks good when you knit it, but you can't see what you're working on while you're making it and god help you if you need to pull the yarn out and redo something. I finished one but haven't been able to stomach making the second one yet. The bling makes my eyes burn, and I LIKE bling usually.

So...probably staying in with media and yarn. That's not bad, really.

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