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Dead Week

2006-12-18, 10:08 a.m.

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Here begins what I am calling "dead week": the week before Christmas.

(a) I work at a college, and this is during the time where no students are around. And yet, this is the week where most employees are still supposed to be around. Very little is open except for Carl's Jr., so let's hope you remembered to bring a lunch! This is pretty frigging dull. Really, what's the point of working during this week? Shoot, we already had the holiday party.
(b) This year, they are closing the gym starting at 6 p.m., which pretty much screws me for working out. Is it worth it to bust arse over there for a lowly half hour of being able to use a machine? Am I likely to wake up at the ass crack of before dawn to go to the gym before work? Not likely.
(c) Likewise, the CC is closed, so I can't go over there either.

I'm especially annoyed at the gym thing. Hey, some of us would like to work out before eating the holiday meals and then being stuck around relatives with no gym access! Yeah, yeah, if I just took up running, this wouldn't be a problem. Except running makes me feel like roadkill, so this won't be happening. And I only like walking when I'm specifically going somewhere instead of idling around the neighborhood... and "going somewhere" ah, usually involves shopping.

I am usually never home before late at night- I'm usually at the gym, at the CC, or at a meeting of some sort. (I have a surprisingly low heating bill usually due to this.) I've got a meeting on Wednesday night, but otherwise I have nowhere else to be but home Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. ALL night long. And of course, this means I'm spending most of the week actually sitting at home...with no new television to watch. Ugh. I don't think I've spent any more than a day or two doing that since I was coupled.

Yeah, I should be using that time to do last-minute present work. And I will be. I've got to finish off the last of the wine bottle cozies, finish Mauricio's hat (assuming I figure out how to finish the construction...this is iffy), make another pair of gloves or two for the younger cousins, and finish Mom's sweater. Not to mention think of something for my cousin Tammy, and wrap the gifts Mom dropped off at the house. I always bitch that I want more time off BEFORE Christmas rather than after (what do I need that time for? It doesn't take me a whole week to take stuff that doesn't fit back to the store), so I should really be taking advantage of this. I just wish I had more Netflix lying around the house to watch during this time.

And thank god for Holidailies, because otherwise nobody would be updating on the internets. I need stuff to read, dammit!

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