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2005-12-22, 8:44 p.m.

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LAST DAY OF WORK!!!! Free food! Everyone but me leaving early! (Though I wasn't in yesterday, so I really shouldn't bitch about that.) Tomorrow starts vacation!

Okay, I don't know whether or not to be happy about vacation, but at least I get one day to myself first. Plus, sleeping in. Yeehaw.

I kind of want to do something, because it's a day off and for once it won't be raining, but I'm low on fundage, probably shouldn't be book-shopping RIGHT before Christmas, and uh, I still need to make 1 1/2 scarves and finish off the poncho.

And um, I am really worrying about my wrists now. It's going to be a VERY good thing that once I'm around Mom, she's planning on doing a lot of shopping, and going to SF, and well, stuff where I won't be tempted to use my hands for much. I was listening to the Cast On podcast today and at one point, the hostess sings,

"I shouldn't have gone public with this hobby that I love.
Everyone wants knit gifts, a scarf, a hat, some gloves.
There's not a hope in hell I'll ever get them done.
I'm knitting now with bloody stumps, it's normal holiday fun!"

That stump thing, well... eeeesh, but yeah, I'm worried. My arms are very in-and-out of twinging from moment to moment. But timewise...I can't rest now, that's for sure.

When it comes to working on other projects, I have been working on this write-a-novel-in-ten-months idea. I mentioned it on my NaNo writers list and a few people are interested...and one chick was REALLY interested, to the point of saying she'd run a site and design it and everything. She sent me a mockup with the writeup I did for the idea and we are both all kinds of excited.

Course, having this set up by January 1 is uh, a stretch at best, but for now I will just say that if you want to write a 100,000 page novel with the support of others in 10 months worth of time, check back here sometime in January and I'll put up the link.

As for the novel idea I have, I've been brainstorming and reading through Writing The Breakout Novel for ideas. I have this idea that one character will have actually gone to an arts-and-crafts college. So while I was looking around online trying to find one, I found this school. And reading through their site, I was all, "Damn, why did I not apply here for undergrad? This place is COOOOOOOOOL! And look, they DID have fashion design AND writing! Dammit, I missed out!" Then I started eyeing the graduate programs... and this is coming from me, i.e. She Who Refuses To Go To Grad School No Matter How Much You Nag Her To.

Then I remembered: oh, yeah, I mostly hate the Bay Area- or at least, I really hate San Francisco weather. And guess what, the grad program is in SF. And I really didn't want to stay in the Bay Area and be closer to the irritating side of my family. And while as far as I can tell, they don't seem to have a GRE requirement (one of the reasons why I'll never go to grad school is I canNOT do the math on the GRE. I couldn't do it on the SAT after years of tutoring, there's no way I'm managing it now), there'd still be the whole get letters of recommendation thing. Hell, I can only think of two people who'd remember and recommend my writing in the first place and they want three. Plus I sure as hell can't afford to pay off a graduate degree when I'll probably work secretarial-ish jobs for the rest of my life.

But...I will admit there was some daydreaming going on there with regards to their program. I wonder if they'd let me do crafts there while also being in the writing program? Because that would be AWESOME.

But, probably not. One of the things that irritates me about grad school is that I get the distinct impression they want you to pick ONE AND ONLY ONE thing to concentrate on. And for me, where's the fun in that?

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