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Housesitting Christmas

2015-12-25, 4:54 p.m.

Well, the mail/my package never did show up by the time I left, so I talked to my neighbor/apartment complex manager about keeping an eye out if it showed up at the door. She also got a new kitten for Christmas, so I looked at pictures and went "awwww." (Kitten is too shy to meet people yet.)

So dinner with the Gentleman Caller (Mo) was absolutely delightful. He was chatting and charming and fun and easy to talk to and we were there for hours having a very good time. He called me a "sweetheart" afterwards (Mom leaves her calls on speaker), so we were all mutually well delighted with each other.

This house is awesome. The lights were on, the tree was decorated, music is going on, and Pat left us cake and gifts!

I should probably mention that I wore my Hawaiian Christmas sweater for Mo since he is from there, but had the new humping reindeer one on under it. When Mom saw the reindeer sweater she didn't have much reaction at first and then was suddenly all, OH! followed by, let's take a picture to send to Mauricio. Followed by her wanting to show it to Mo later.

As for Christmas Day, we stayed up till 1 a.m. watching the Hallmark Channel, and then when we woke up, we continued to watch the Hallmark Channel. Obsessively. I have lots of notes for reviews at some point. Didn't get dressed until around 3-ish. Mom made broccoli salad for hours, I made felted ornaments with those cookie cutter and then...wasn't so impressed at how they came out, so I used them for making actual cookies instead. I'm also attempting to make a knitted corgi ornament for the house, but the first pattern I was using was a pain in the ass, so I'm switching to one that's less bad. Hopefully.

We went out and walked the dog (and got dressed, etc.) during the one movie we've already seen (Ice Sculpture Christmas). And by walked the dog, I meant "watered the dog by squirting water in her face a bit because she insists even in the cold," because that's still happening. I actually wanted to go open gifts by the tree during that time, but apparently Mom isn't done that still hasn't happened. And right now she's run off to whatever store is open to get broth and she wants to cook turkey for three hours...I dunno about that one. I've already raided most of the Chinese food from last night, I suspect we'll be eating at midnight at the rate this is going....

Well, whatever. I'm pretty occupied at the moment and enjoying things!

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