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Christmas Day White Elephant

2016-12-26, 11:55 a.m.

We had a good Christmas. I got a lot of jewelry, a few accessory clothing items, a laptop backpack for my new laptop, some decorations for house and car, some funny notepads from Knock Knock, one craft, I did pretty well. Mom seemed to like her stuff well enough.

We went to Angelica’s (family friend, Mom works with her) for Christmas this year since she got a condo. I do like her family, they’re all very nice people. The food was delicious and then we played games--Christmas bingo, guess how much candy is in this bag, and another white elephant game. I came in second on the candy guessing, which surprised me. (Her nephew who is around six or so guessed exactly, so good for him.) One chick won bingo 2 out of 3 times.

As for the White Elephant.... I don’t know, maybe I (or we in mom’s case) should just give boring generic gifts instead of stuff for the lulz. Because while there were lulz with the dancing penguin (I actually stole it, then had it stolen from me by a 4-year-old girl and that was adorable), I did feel sorry for who ended up with my pig shooter, and the people who were grumbly about the movies they ended up with, because it was pretty obvious they were all DO NOT LIKEY SOMEONE STEAL IT FROM ME PLEEEEEASE in their souls. Meanwhile, I ended up with a Target gift card, so good for me. It was kind of a mixed bag on the gifting--Mom and I got stuff suitable for small children because I knew there’d be at least one around, but some people put wine and booze in there... I don’t know.

This is not to say I don’t like it, I’m just pondering stuff the next day here. Anyway, we did have an excellent time.

I should probably mention that I got fairly drunk for me at this party--no hangovers, but I did drop my present (picture frame you have to assemble) several times and at one point went to the bathroom and had a hard time figuring out the lock....oops. Hope nobody was looking!

After that, we went driving around looking at Christmas lights. On the good news, bad news sort of thing, our Great Christmas Light Fight winner last year got a job from his work on the show in another state, so no more light shows there. We did go to Widmer World and it was spectacular.

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