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Three Hour Traffic

2023-12-26, 8:47 p.m.

Today's sleep: five hours. I guess I really should just try taking two trazadone at once before going to bed. Why haven't I tried this yet, like over the weekend? I don't know, I'm kind of an idiot these days now and I don't always think everything through. I spent the wee small hours of the morning (a) attempting to do a crossword I was too bleary-eyed to follow, (b) reading a new awesome book, (c) starting crocheting Rae's birthday present. So two out of three was not too bad, there. At least I could follow the last two, even if my eyes were so blurry/sleepy this morning I couldn't focus on the crossword even with glasses on. I will note that this is a giant newspaper crossword from yesterday my mom photographed and printed for me with a lot of tiny text and under normal circumstances I could read the thing, but not that morning.

IOP: today's class was on self-compassion, something I am not terribly good at since I've learned over the years I WILL BE YELLED AT and what's the point of being nice to me when others won't? Probably the best part of it for me was the list of things people do that aren't helpful to soothe you when you are feeling troubled...I noted my mother does a damn lot of them and did a good chunk of them yesterday. I also said on chat that you have to learn to moderate how much you talk about a topic or else people get pissed off at you (which is indeed true and Mom certainly did it yesterday) and someone was very nice to me and saying they felt bad for me having to put up with that and they were glad I was here. Awwww.

I note I'd been told there was supposed to be a power outage here sometime between 9-3:30 and I was concerned about it blowing out during class, but my power never went out. I did see PG&E workers outside when I left the house, but looks like my power wasn't out (microwave is fine) by the time I came back, either. Confusing.

After that, I SLOGGED to Walnut Creek to meet up with Jackie. I have no idea why there was crawling-ass traffic for a solid hour around Vacaville both forward and back, but there was, and it took 1.5 hours rather than an hour, and uuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhh so bored. The torture of ADHD brain, unable to do anything but drive very slowly and listen to a series of only semi-interesting podcasts. Seriously, there was no evidence of any reason for this being so slow--no actual construction was going on and all of this was in the middle of the day on a Tuesday. There's usually a slow spot around that area, but not an HOUR of slow, the fuck?

That said, the sushi we had was good, so there's that. Afterwards we did a bit of post-Christmas deal shopping. Jackie picked up some stuff (yes, she does buy gifts like a year in advance, albeit even she said sometimes she loses them, I said I totally would if I did that), I just got some unicorn charms for $4, so good for me on that. We also got ice cream, I got a delicious "Maui Zaui Sherbet" in citrus flavors that I loved and was the most bright, technicolor ice cream I've EVER seen, Jackie's was less great, but I wouldn't have gone for rice pudding ice cream there, not a lot of flavor in that. She gave me a bunch of fun goofy things (I love stuff like that, I wish that was a thing I could do for others who'd appreciate it...I note she gives me a wish list and that's what I buy) and another Hallmark sweatshirt I don't own, which pleases me. I just have to figure out what one does with bath bombs in a drought--the last time I used any guilt-free, I was in Hawaii, so I never know what to do with the darned things.

Ashley didn't even ask me about going to karaoke tonight, I figured it was 50/50, oh well. She called while I was busy, I texted her where I was before I left and I said she could call back later, but she's obsessed with making stockings and did not. So when I got back into town, I picked up both the book I ordered last week AND three of my library book holds came in. I didn't get around to dropping off Rae's gifts and I'm too tired, so...later, I guess. Watched Percy Jackson instead.

Not sure if I am going to get together with Rachel and Robert or not tomorrow--Rachel asked if anyone could get together on Wednesday and he and I answered, but they are having lunch while I'm in medical appointments and the suggestion of going to the zoo (I'd already be in the vicinity) is screwed over by rain, so...I presume probably not, sigh, whatever, I guess. Maybe I'll drop off Rae's gifts then, maybe not, I dunno. I alternately thought about dropping by Melinda's, but at the moment it's kinda "maybe we'll text you if we end up somewhere," sigh.

I would like to note that I related to these posts today. Thank you both. I also watched this mini-knitting documentary and related to the mouse who shows up with a big ol' tangle of yarn (see screenshots):.

This entry has been suspiciously dull to write, with the biggest drama of the day being three hours in traffic. I'm gonna knock on some wood here and hope this didn't jinx me into having some horrifying drama tomorrow, but since I have group therapy and it's going to be raining, um....maybe?

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