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2.5 Drinks

2023-12-30, 10:23 a.m.

Here is my NEWS sweater.

I wrote back to someone about the you-know-who situation about how no, I haven't heard back and she said she didn't disagree but he may still contact you, she was speaking as someone who is sometimes slow to respond. But if he wants to repair this, fine, and if not, he's irrelevant. Good point. The people who will stick with you will, and he's not going to. To be fair, I damned it myself.

Slept five hours, so I guess the trazadone stopped working like everything else.

I have to make Rae's birthday present(s) and I fucked up with the one pack of not-huge safety eyes I had around here, so I had to get some more. Checking inventories at various Joann's indicated that Vacaville had the most options, so I went there...and they were pretty much out of safety eyes, the clerk said they hadn't gotten any shipments for weeks. I bought a tiny pack because that's what they had, along with flesh-colored yarn and some other yarns I needed, then tried Michael's. Same problem: inventory indicates it's there, inventory wasn't updated their either, they also haven't gotten any shipments for weeks. UH-OH. I got some kind of weird beads to use instead, along with a quilling flower kit I couldn't justify but got anyway. I also went to Target and got a requested "small snack" for Jean's party, along with some tiny lego-y toy kit and Mountain Dew.

I cried on the way home, which is fun when driving. I need to put more Kleenex in the car. I note I've been on Lexapro three weeks now. I hope to god it finally kicks in and does something soon. I'm told it takes a FULL month, more week to go. Or get my dose raised, as I forget who said by now. I'm so sick of feeling sad about shit.

Other than that, spent all day making the damn unicorn mermaid, for which the pattern was a badly translated pain in the ass, followed by another mermaid because I'm told Rae wants an Ariel (it's not great, but fuck it). Results here. The Spanish pattern made me crazy and I was too tired to do a cuter/more complicated Ariel pattern, I can do no more, fuck it.

I also watched all of "Bodies" on Netflix, which is fucking brilliant. It was nice and distracting to say the least. If you like time travel, RECOMMENDED. If you are confused by it, probably don't bother, but there are many fine explainers on the Internet and even my taxed brain got how the ending resolved and I wasn't too dumb to figure it out, so yay.

Oh yeah, and Mom called and we got into a fight again, sigh. She finally read The Light We Carry, raved about the knitting section, and said I should tell this to all my medical professionals. I said I have and they are cool with me knitting. Then she said she finally got why I do it all the time, and I should tell them at work to let me...which is how we got into fighting again, because she brought up work. Ugh. Oh well.

Tonight I went back to UOB karaoke, which I haven't been to since early October. Why was I gone so long? It was so much fun. I had expected it to be dead this time of year--Ashley told me it was pretty dead Christmas weekend and Jim said he wasn't expecting to get more than 8 people in the rotation--but nope, we got the same amount of people as ever, and one person who had moved away returned, so that was nice. I did a lot of songs, both alone/with everyone else bopping along and with Ashley. I do love it when everyone else is really getting into the song and singing along.

Mostly this was distinctive because I had 2.5 drinks. I normally don't do more than two while out and tonight I got sweet cider for my first and a creamiscle for the second. Then Ashley wanted to get "bloobs" (kind of large shot glass drinks, blue raspberry...whatever the hell's in it) and they come in a pack of two, so...she had 1.5 drinks--some kind of rumchata she said was strong but tasted like kahlua alcohol milkshake to me--and I had 2.5 and wheeeeeeeeeeeee drunk was fun!!!! I really enjoyed that.

I will note that at one point a hot guy appeared to be checking me, he was just wondering what my drink was. Such is my life. I drunk texted this to Mat as an explanation as to why I can't find anyone :P

We got home at midnight. I didn't bother to take any sleeping pills because I figured I was going to be too wound up to sleep and instead slept seven hours. Go figure!

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