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Random Thoughts 2

2009-12-27, 8:38 a.m.

Nothing much happened beyond More Shopping today and I'm out of pre-written posts, so here's another "random thoughts for the week" post. Obviously started uh...Wednesday.

* I somehow find listening to "Just Dance" to be oddly comforting/soothing. Sure, you're all fucked up at a party, don't know where you are and can't find your phone, but it'll be okay! Really! Just enjoy yourself! Allrighty, then.

* I found someone else's holiday playlist that was even weirder than mine. I wish I could add the one about the nuclear missile to MY list.

* Telling your coworkers that you were up since 3:40 a.m. is really pretty amusing. I like watching the horror. Or in the case of one lady, "That's when I went to bed, not got up!"

* Also at work, we had a Festivus birthday, and I was proud that someone remember that chick's b-day. We also had an interesting conversation about things people did while sleepwalking. ("So, girls when sleepwalking take the sheets off the bed, guys when sleepwalking pee in the trash can...")

* I don't generally like sad weepy anything, but I do really have to admire the funeral scene in Steel Magnolias (which was on at the gym. I finished my workout, changed, and then came back into the room to watch this scene). M'Lynn keeps her shit together as best she can when fundie Annelle is trying to be helpful and heartfelt, even if she's totally annoying M'Lynn with her "we should be rejoicing that Shelby is with her King" stuff. Then she later on loses it so spectacularly...followed up by, if you gotta hit something, hit THIS! Brilliant.

It is always weird for me watching Sally Field on screen because my mom is the blonde, blue-eyed version of that woman. So watching this is kinda like what watching my own funeral would be like, how Mom would be likely to blow a fuse. Strangeness.

* Speaking of, goddamn am I tired of every single surface of the house being covered in piles of crap. Unfortunately she won't do it by herself and throws shit fits at those who try to help, so I'm stuck living in Hoarderville for a week and a half. And desperately trying to unearth the furniture. BLEAH.

* You know that feeling in knitting where you are all, "These instructions CAN'T be right, can they?" I hate that. Also finishing a sleeve on a sweater where I barely have enough yarn to finish it as written and finding out that it's 3 inches too short as written. Dammit!

* Mom got sick on December 26. Whee.

* She also bought herself a Wii for Christmas, despite never, ever trying to even use my aunt's, knowing nothing about it other than "you can exercise with it!" Mom can barely use a computer, she's not a gamer, she refuses to go home before 11 p.m. every single night...SHE'S NOT GOING TO USE IT! Why spend that much money on something you know darned well you won't touch? I tried to point this out to her and got nowhere. Hell, if I kidnapped the thing and took it to my house (I want one too, but I know darned well I'll never use it when not at my aunt's because I don't get home before 11 either, so gee, I wasn't going to get one), I doubt she'd notice.

* I got two MORE tacky trees, pale pink and lavender, pre-lit. Thank you, Junk Store Sale, for $5 trees.

* After shopping all effing afternoon/night again yesterday, we went to Mom's friend Pat's house. Pat is quite the character, both a drama queen and drama magnet all at once (so we get along). It was kind of interesting when the conversation turned towards family issues, and Pat found out that my exes were absolutely not welcome at my parents' house/family gatherings. She was horrified, and I was just like, "Look, they're gonna hate anyone I bring home, period, this wasn't exactly a surprise here." And then she found out that Mom only had relatives over once in a while (after insane screaming cleaning sprees), and her parents never had people over either, and we're just not the sorts who welcome people to come in all the time.

Okay, maybe we're fucked up and don't welcome "outsiders" in either.

* I do get the point when people (this time, Pat) tell me stories about their weird old relatives getting married at an old age, but it still seems incredibly unlikely that that's going to happen to me when I'm already married to Mom here. There's no room to share or welcome in someone else.

Maybe that's why all the relatives hate us: nobody's really allowed in on our end either.

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