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The Haight At Night

2012-12-27, 10:36 p.m.

Okay, I'm finally home (my usual home), I'll update the previous two days worth of entries tomorrow. Right now I gotta cram it in under the wire.

Anyhoo: I spent today at my mom's house, with no Internet, same as yesterday. Today, instead of watching two crap movies, I watched one dubious movie on cable, followed by a lot of Dharma and Greg reruns.

The movie was a TV movie called Boy Meets Girl. It features Jasmine Guy and Reed Diamond, two people I would not have had it occur to me to pair together. Jasmine works for Reed's parents as a waitress and has always been the "good girl" in the family. Her sister, a TV reporter, is the obvious rebel. To piss their visiting dad off, she's having her coworker Franklin play her deliberately jerkass boyfriend. He's doing the role as a kinda gangsta-rude sort, I guess. He likey-likes the sister, but she won't go for it. Dad is in town because Jasmine is getting married to her barely-in-the-movie childhood sweetheart in a week.

Also rolling into town (on the bus) is Reed Diamond, a former pro baseball pitcher whose arm has given out and his career is over. He doesn't (ever?) tell his parents this. Jasmine sees him at the bus terminal, not knowing who he is. He sees her happily running to greet someone, somehow thinks it's him meeting his soulmate for the first time, and hugs her...but no. He pretends she looked like someone else, oh, the shame.

So when he shows up at his parents' restaurant, posing like a big shot, Jasmine knows better and scorns him for being a liar. Reed also has a meltdown when he finds out that his parents are divorcing after 27 years and have even started dating other people. (And he gives one younger man with 80's hair shit for hanging out with his mom. They are supposedly just friends. I dunno there.)

Meanwhile, Jasmine starts realizing she's not ready to settle down and be a wife, so she starts doing shit like going to a porn movie dressed as a man and getting a cobra tattoo. Eventually she and Reed almost have a one-night stand--again, he seems to have fallen for her, but her not so much.

There are minor subplots about the parents dating again, and some random fedora-wearing dude getting made fun of by his ex for his hat or something. I really paid very little attention to this bit, but at one point he's sent a fish head with a fedora on it.

Anyhoo, Jasmine and her fiance mutually decide on their wedding day to that they aren't ready to get married. Oddly enough, she and Reed are not shown hooking up immediately after that, but it appears that his parents might.

There is also an amusing moment where Jasmine is all, "Hey, if anyone wants to take advantage of this setting for a spontaneous wedding...." and Franklin the fake bad boyfriend drops to his knee and proposes to the sister. He calls her "my Nubian babushka!" and it gets even more egregiously bizarre and flowery from there. Alas, she doesn't snap that up.

It was odd, but interesting, I suppose.

After all of that... Mom and I drove into SF once again (the 4th time in the last week and change) to meet up with L and her brother on their way back. They had wanted to go around the Haight originally on Christmas, but didn't due to the pouring rain + more likely to have stores open in Chinatown thing. They did that today, and we met them there for dinner.

On the one hand, I am intrigued by the crazy hippie atmosphere and decor of the place. On the other hand, there's a lot of freaky homeless people out at night, and given my crazy-magnet-ness.... I am confused as to whether or not I want to go there for longer than this or not. Kinda yes and kind of no. There weren't too many stores open late at night so I didn't do much of that, but we did have a nice dinner at the Squawk and Gobble (love the name).

Then I went with them to go back home, and they introduced me to the music of da Vinci's notebook. I approve of any group that does a song about having an enormous penis. We shall probably go see The Hobbit tomorrow.

I look forward to sleeping alone, and having an entire day to just fuck off on the Internet and read everything I haven't gotten to in the last week. I know I'll probably end up in SF at least one more time between now and the end of vacation (still have to do a Jackie visit, but I am not gonna worry about figuring out THAT until tomorrow), but I wanted at least one relaxing day here cozying up with the computer, watching my own DVD's, and finishing Holidailies posts and pic uploads.

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