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Purple Hair

2014-12-30, 10:25 p.m.

First off: car news. There is no car news, it's still there, presumably never getting fixed for a gajillion dollars because nobody has any clue. I think I am going to have to drive a flooded car forever. Mom still doesn't have her car back either, but that's also going to be a gajillion dollars and who knows if it's fixed either. Sigh. Anyway, I need to pick it up tomorrow regardless.

Other than that.... I talked to a cousin over Skype. And I'd put some Hallmark reviews up, but I have yet to make it through an entire movie today without being interrupted at the start or finish. We went out to dinner with Angelica and I have made arrangements to go to the movies with her and generally hang out at her house gaming/geeking tomorrow night (yay New Year's plans!).

And after years of wanting it, I GOT PURPLE HAIR.

So for once I'm going to do a photo entry--and even edited photos down, so they're *gasp* being posted in the entry!

For the record, this is going to wash out on its own eventually. So no, I didn't go full bleach/peroxide/permanent today.

It also ended up being purple instead of blue because Kevin was out of blue. He wants to do it aqua later.

That's my hairdresser Kevin on the right.

The back of my hair is gorgeous, I am now using this as an icon/phone background.

I had to do a full frontal selfie indoors because it is a hella windy day today and taking photos outside in the light didn't go so well.

Anyway....this is the first time I've been excited about a new hairdo in YEARS. I've always wanted to go funny color. Whee!

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