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Scheduling Conflicts

2006-01-02, 10:02 p.m.

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I am trying to plan my schedule for next quarter, and goddamn, that's a headache.

Here's the possible classes I want to take.


Improv: My old improv teacher is giving it a shot again, but during lunch on Mondays. I think this will be a certain one to take for me, since she was cool and maybe we can get more people if we do it at lunch.

Dancers Fitness: My usual dance class, when it's offered at the gym. I won't be making it over there much, alas.

Continuing crochet: I'm all about taking the "continuing" versions of classes, so sign me up for this. Plus "Stitch 'N Bitch: The Happy Hooker" (or whatever it's called) is coming out the week the class starts, so I might have some actual decent crochet patterns to work on. I like crochet and want to get into it again, but fucking A, the patterns for it usually suck and involve afghans or something else I don't particularly want to make.

Tuesdays: I've got volunteering on this night now, so nothing else can be taken. Which is irritating when the ONE WEIGHTS CLASS offered past 5:15 p.m. is offered that night. I could cry, man.


I just joined a local writers' group (the one I went to the writers' lunch for), and that's exciting. That happens two Wednesdays a month, plus one Saturday lunch a month. (They also have some social meetings on Tuesdays, but obviously I'm not making that. Maybe next quarter.) I'm hoping that'll get me to get some stuff DONE the rest of the year.

And on the off-nights, the only good class at the gym is something called "Freak the Beat." Sounds like a hip-hop class. I'll go, but the name is even more painfully bad than when they offered "Cardio Fabulous" (which was really aerobics).


At the gym they have Dance Fusion, which I used to take and liked, and Cardio Kickboxing, which I also like. But I probably won't make it to those much either.

Maquette: I'm not sure why I want to take this, other than it's new and little statues are cool and I hate wasting my free class on cheap classes (and most of the classes I want at the CC are ridiculously cheap this quarter), since I'm not good at sculpture., what the hell.

Tarot 101: To be honest, I probably know everything this class could teach me in one night (it's a one-time course), but the teacher sounds interesting. I somehow doubt I'll do this one one way or another (see above)

Self-Hypnosis Training: I am really not sure why I am somewhat interested in doing this, but I am. But again, probably won't do it due to scheduling issues one way or another.

Weekend one-or-two-offs:

Misanga: This is basically Japanese friendship bracelets. Hey, it's cute, cheap, a short class, and taught by a favorite of mine at the CC, so I'll take it.

Podcasting workshop: Hell yeah. Even though I doubt I'll ever make a podcast, I am interested in learning how you do it.

Gemstone wire wrapping workshop: I already got into this- it's a staff workshop. I've always wanted to learn how to do the fancy shit, and now I can!

Weekend continuing:

Dancers Fitness: I've been taking the Saturday version of the class (different workout, more props) off and on for over a year. Problem being that (a) every weekend I have to go home, I miss class, and (b) every time I take anything on a weekend, it starts around the time the dance class does and I end up cutting it too. It's a cheap class, but I only made it to class on Saturday TWICE this quarter. I really should just quit paying up for the class if I'm hardly ever going to make it. But then again, I'm always hoping I'll get to show up more than 2-3 times per quarter. I really don't know what to do on this one.

Step N' Tone: Step class with a bit of weights thrown in. I'll go to that on Sundays when I can.

Cardio Kickboxing: I'll try to go to that one too.

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