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Buns of Steel, Abs of Jello

2005-01-04, 8:55 p.m.

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Day Two of "Jen Becomes A Gym Rat" and:


I started browsing those calorie counter sites last night/this morning, and got very depressed at the thought I'd have to burn 500 calories, seven days a week, to lose 1 pound. (Or alternately, stop eating 250 calories and burn 250 every day, but hell, I don't think I eat enough most of the time for me to think where I'd cut 250 out.

But still, I don't want to become diabetic, and I'd better start up with intense workouts and keep up with them- at least, until something else in my life comes up to bite me in the ass. Which is why I'll only be paying for gym membership one month at a time.

So, new regimen: two hours of workout a night should be 500 calories.

At first, it was going well tonight. I did a half hour on the stairmaster and climbed 60 flights instead of 50 during that time, which surprised me. I tried the "fat burning" workout on the treadmill after that, and the thing kept trying to slow me down and I couldn't bloody stand it, so I switched to manual and did a 4 mph walking workout again. Felt good afterwards, even if I look like a damn berry afterwards. 123 calories on first machine, 129 on the second. Yay.

Though I got quite pissed off to see a girl on the treadmill who had burned more calories than me in five minutes, with a much lower heartrate- and it'd taken me like 20 to burn the same amount. That's the moment where it was rubbed into me that I'm not a cute 21-year-old with an aerobicized ass any more. I've never felt physically like I'm aging or losing energy level, and I still don't, but the machines proved something else. Or maybe I'm just a fatter cow compared to that girl.

For the second half of my workout, I decided to start trying out the drop-in workout classes. There was a "Abs of Steel" (or some such) class, followed by a "Below the Belt" abs/legs/something or other class, half hours each.

Abs of Steel was something I was kind of dreading, seeing as I have abs of Jello, but it wasn't bad. Except for the part where she made us do crunches while sitting on a giant ball- I kept imagining that I was going to slip, fall off the ball, and give myself a nice bloody concussion. But I could actually do the exercises without major pain, yay. I think I'll keep going to this one- it seems to be offered fairly often, and lord knows I won't do abs unless I'm in a class anyway.

The BTB class, on the other hand...argh. It involved weights, which I don't like using (whee, 10 pounds of lead!), and she made us do something with our legs that made me feel sudden excruciating pain to the point where I could barely move. It got better from there, but oooooow, I am not doing this class again. My legs were so fucked up walking the half hour it takes to get home...suffice it to say I wasn't managing my usual 4 mph.

I think I'll try out some other classes this week, see what I like and don't like. But tonight, I'm just going to sit here and go "Owwww" a lot.

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