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Holiday Hangover

2011-01-04, 9:29 p.m.

"January, as a month, sucks. After four to eight weeks of indulgence and parties and family get togethers - whether stressful or not - January is when all that needs to be reined in. You've spent too much, and the bills are flying home. After constant social activity, you have to dig the trenches in order to catch up on the work you've been letting slide. You have to shift from chocolate to celery sticks.

Despite the fact that the days are actually getting longer in my part of the world, to me the whole month still feels dark and very, very long. The snow has lost its novelty. And January (and February) are far, far colder than December. Who the hell feels like exercising or learning a new language or reorganizing the budget when the physical environment is so depressing?"
--Moira J. Moore.

Hear, hear! Oh, January, my least favorite time of the year. You know the sad thing? I realized I can't do Blue Hawaii Day because I have class that night (first night, too, can't skip). ARGH! Probably shouldn't be drunken crafting there either.

I think there is definitely some kind of holiday hangover in the air, otherwise known as "Uh, what do I do at work again?" I am hoping they ship me some new stuff to work on soon, 'cause I am stalling like hell on very unimportant stuff while I am waiting on other people to filter things down the funnel. For once it isn't raining here, but it is pretty cold for NorCal. And it sure seems like a lot of people are having a rough start of the month right from the getgo. I heard in full my friend's drama yesterday and hoo boy, that is ever a mess. She had a job interview today and I spent a fair chunk of time just calming her down enough to make it through the next 12 hours and interview successfully. Hopefully it paid off, but she's got weeks to wait on it. Alas, tomorrow is going to be MORE DRAMA, so... yeah.

I talked to my shrink finally today, which was lovely. Alas, there really aren't any solutions to the ol' "My mother is crazy and won't do a darned thing about it" conundrum short of abandoning her (and making her abandonment issues EVEN WORSE), so... yeah. At the very least, I got to say, "Well, so far she hasn't bought an iPad yet..."

In other news (once again I am back to boring work days where I ran out of things to say... can you tell it's back to business as usual? Where's that prompt list again?), I am attempting-- well, still pondering more than actually doing, I haven't cast on jack with any knitting needles yet-- to design a supercomplicated pair of convertible gloves (mitten tops that can be pulled down to reveal fingerless gloves) for Elsa. With a Celtic cable and a cat theme. Yeah, THAT'S GONNA BE COMPLICATED. I think I'll end up calling the design Touch Not The Cat But A Glove. It would have been nice if I got that done over the break, but I did not. Well, maybe if I finish by February... and at least have a sketch in hand next time I see her....

As usual, I have a lot of ideas about stuff to make and am feeling undecide-y about most of 'em. Though the gloves should really move up in the mental queue, if you know what I mean.

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