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It's Mood Swing Week

2015-01-08, 2:04 p.m.

Since Holidailies ended:

(a) My engine light came back on again last night. I just can't deal with this shit any more. If this car dies, I'm not getting another car, I cannot figure this shit out.

(b) Didn't have therapy this week--I canceled ahead of time weeks ago because supposedly Tuesday was going to be crazy at work (turned out not to be). Kinda wish I'd done it, but I should probably be saving the money instead.

(c) Merry switched volunteering nights so we are on the same shift again, huzzah!

(d) I am signed up to take a sculpture class starting in February, but the experimental drawing class I was going to do on Thursdays (which is why I didn't go back to Thursday volunteering shifts like I wanted to) was pre-canceled before registration even opened. Wah. On the other hand, more free time and I get one night off a week at least.

(e) My mom's work is likely to be sold within the next few months. The bosses aren't actually telling anyone this officially, but have apparently left enough evidence around so that people have been figuring it out on their own. (Seriously, what is with the passive/aggressive use of paperwork around there?) I looked at the chain company in question's website and it looks good so far, assuming they don't can everybody....or something. Anyway, she and Angelica are nervous, as they should be. I fear for everyone's employment. Between this and the engine light, Mom and I were not in good moods and I really wanted to get off the phone and she didn't want really doesn't help when BOTH of us are down.

(f) I went back to writing group last night. Much as I am grumbly about the car issues, and driving to Sacramento during rush hour at night, it went well and everyone had a good time. I have been feeling...not in the mood to go, for several months now. I think a lot of this has to do with that EFT class stuff has sometimes been overlapping with meetings and I wanted to go to one rather than the other...

And I feel bad about this one: we had a guy in the group who submitted almost every single week, and he primarily wrote horror which was NOT my thing, and.... I kinda didn't want to be reading his stuff every single dang week and getting creeped out. He did write a few really good pieces, but other ones of his drove me nuts--like he'd have a run-on sentence going for 3/4 of a page. He got ticked off at the group and quit in November and...honestly, I just felt relieved I didn't have to read more creepy stuff. I don't want to be mean and he seemed like an okay dude and all, his writing just wasn't my thing (and to be fair, I think that was vice versa too). So...I'm feeling better about it? It was a good time hanging out there.

(g) On a related note, I haven't hung out with Melinda since about July and we're going to get together on Sunday. Huzzah!

(h) Or maybe not since apparently my glasses came in AND the first car guy that fixed the engine light said to come in again. Sigh. I don't want to haul ass out there for a day, but....I dunno.

(i) In other wacky news, I got paid to spend an hour and a half sitting around waiting for the mail truck to show up because a bunch of our mail ended up in an actual mailbox without postage. Someone made arrangements with the PO to let us have the giant bin of mail back so postage could be put on it, but then her kid got sick, blah de blah, and my boss went out at 9:30 to wait for the mail truck that was supposed to show up at 10. By 10:30 she was still not back, so I volunteered to go out and relieve her. I got paid to sit around knitting and reading and doing a crossword puzzle (beat the NYT, huzzah!) until 12:05, which was going to be about the time we officially gave up on waiting for it--and then the mail truck showed up. So now I am kind of heroine of the day around here, and got free candy, and got some nice outside time once it warmed up. So for the minute, I am in a better mood.

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