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A Crack of Thunder

2006-01-10, 9:59 a.m.

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So, remember how last week was all boring? Yeah, Jess said that, "Your life does seem to be the heavy silence before the crack of thunder and downpour."

Alas, this certainly seems to be true, and a whisper of thunder is in the air. Reading the Daily Fix again...

"Can you feel it? It's in the air.
Something impending
something big is about to happen
The feeling that a confrontation is coming
a shootout at the OK corral
two lovers meeting after a separation
something impending
that's what happens when
mars approaches jupiter in opposition
when the Sun is at Pluto's South Node
Big political decisions are made
it's excitement and dread together
a feeling of being up and down at the same time
like when you have too much
coffee and doughnuts
and your blood sugar is going crazy
and you feel like doing something crazy
you need
because you can't stand
and you welcome almost anything
because you've got this feeling
something's coming
something big
with a click
with a shock
phone 'll jingle
door 'll knock
open the lock...

Speaking of shootouts at the OK Corral, I fear things are going to be blowing up with the PITA's soon. Whee. I gather Mom has had a hard time getting any information out of Uncle Bruce about what's happened to Grandma and Grandpa, and when she asked where they were, he said, "Do you want to know where they are or where Grandma THINKS they are?" What kind of question is THAT? What a snotass.

Anyway, Grandpa is in the hospital with pneumonia- I guess they could barely be arsed to mention that- and Grandma thinks they are living in Idaho Falls. *sigh* Meanwhile, how's about we get all of Grandma's money so they're eligible for Medicare?

This led to a fun discussion of power of attorney- namely, Mom asking if I wanted it. To be honest, I know I SHOULD take it, but I don't want to take it. Then Mom made some snotty comment along the lines of, "Well, your aunt would pull the plug on me if I gave it to her, because she thinks everyone should die."


"Excuse me? I very distinctly remember YOU telling me that you wouldn't want to be strung along forever."
"When did I say that? I never said that."
"Yes, you did. The first time Dad went into the hospital."

Suffice it to say, she has changed her mind and WANTS to be strung along Schaivo-style forever and ever and ever, apparently. Gee, thanks, Mom. Because stringing Dad along has been so good and beneficial for everyone involved. Thanks for letting me know that I'll get to go through this AGAIN someday because you can't bear to let go and if I don't, I'll get to feel guilty because you didn't want to die.

I reiterated to her that if she does that to me, I will fucking haunt her 20 years later when I finally die. I doubt that'll do any good if something really does happens to me. "I CAN'T LET GO OF MY BABYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" will happen, most likely.

Why is it that most people wouldn't want to suffer like that indefinitely, but most of my exes and apparently, my relatives, would want to? Why on earth is that good?

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