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Winter Agoraphobia

2016-01-14, 8:47 p.m.

I've developed a little problem.

I pretty much do not want to go outside after about 5 p.m. any more. Considering that most of the year I am hardly ever home and am bouncing around outdoors doing various things, this is worrisome. But seriously, it's pouring ass rain at night most of the time right now, I'm terrible at figuring out how to defog my car (yes, I've watched that video that's going around, and I can't run my AC and heat at the same time in my car as far as I can tell, so that didn't help, and driving with all the windows down and freezing is not a joy either), and I don't wanna if I don't have to. Hell, my car is starting to fog up around 4 or 4:30 p.m. when I'm driving it on a weekend, and fuck if I know how that's happening exactly.

This means that I am not going to improv. New class starts in a week and I am pretty sure I won't end up signing up because I'm butt-ass terrified of driving in the dark cold rain every week. I'm not entirely sure I'll be showing up to too many writer's group meetings either if I'm flipping out about this.

For those of you wondering "were you doing this every winter recently?", uh, I guess the answer to this is no, but after last year's super wet December (in which no, I wasn't driving much then), it was pretty well dry in January and February and it didn't really come up as much. Also when I was driving, it was in town most of the time. So....I don't really know how to get myself over something that's reasonable to fear and I so far haven't managed to reasonably hack without getting myself into near-trouble.


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