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Exhausting Shopping

2012-01-15, 6:12 p.m.

So, going to the credit union. Did that Saturday. What happened? Nothing, that's what. There was nobody in the bank that could help me with my issues. I got told "oh, you can apply for a car loan online!" Except not this weekend, because their website is gonna be down all 3-day weekend. Starting oh, right now. Awkward. I asked about the secured credit card and was told, "Oh, we don't DO secured credit cards. You had an unsecured one all along!"

Um, excuse me? I was very specifically told that due to my total lack of credit existence, I wasn't eligible for anything else whatsoever. This makes no sense. Oh yeah, and I'm still such a credit loser that I was told I couldn't up my limit if I wanted to. I don't even particularly WANT it upped, mind you, but ouch. So...what the fucking hell, I don't even know.

So, yeah, good thing I'm no longer deluded enough to think I can move away this year, huh? I somehow don't think buying a car is going to happen. Another one of those stupid life mistakes I made that trashed my future forevermore: not becoming a credit abuser in college. Note to all you parents: your child HAS to get a card in college, even if they are not up to handling one. Because getting them later in life? BWAHAHAHAHAH.

In other news:
(a) My new glasses are purple and awesome.

(b) Dinner at Aunt Susie's was fine. Go figure.

(c) We went to my house last night to find out that the upstairs neighbors were having a hugely loud, headbangy thumpy party. It was insane. I am surprised I even slept through it, but I was pretty exhausted on Friday, so I guess I needed it.

(d) Mom threw a shit fit about my winter coat-- she decided she didn't like it, even though guess who bought it years ago-- and demanded that we roam around Sacramento looking for winter coats before she went home. I hate having to wear winter coats in the first place, so this was something I was Not Into. I hate having to wear huge winter coats in the first place and it's not like they tend to look good on me anyway. She bought a really expensive black one and then proceeded to find a cheaper purple one and said to keep both. I don't even know.

(e) Meanwhile, I just wanted to attempt to find new black dressup boots before my current pair keel over and die, since they're kind of on their last legs as is. I found a lot of contenders, including one practical pair and one pair with 3 1/2 inch heels, and a pair of Coach lace-ups that were some sort of fancy-ass version of the Docs most people wear, except my feet are whiny-ass bitches that had blisters for a month after wearing my actual Docs once. They were brown-- brown is NOT my color-- so I did not get them in the end. Alas, because except for the looks and the part where they just don't look dressy at work they felt awesome.

I actually bought the practical ones and then uh... went back for the giant heeled boots. It's kind of ridiculous, but there's a certain size heels that I've found are bizarrely comfortable to wear even when the heels are huge. If they're chunky enough heels, it's totally fine. I had an awesome pair of sandals with heels like this, but I stupidly left them at the last ex's, we broke up, god only knows what happened to yeah. Anyway, it was kinda dumb to want them, but I like them. I don't know if they're up for hiking around all the time, but we'll see.

(f) I also found a calendar of Los Angeles that I'd wanted, so yay there.

Anyway, it was a really tiring, draining day and I just wanted to keel over and die for most of it. And normally I like shopping.

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