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A Very Nice Little March

2017-01-21, 4:01 p.m.

So I ended up going to a march after all. I already had an appointment booked with my new voice coach during the time the big one in Sacramento was going on, but Meg is in town for the weekend and her friend who lives in Winters said they were having a march there, so we went to that (it started later).

It was a very nice, peaceful little march. I'd guess there were around 100-ish people there--I attempted counting but found it hard to keep track once I went over 60. There were exactly three cops there, who were all happily chill and nice and mostly stood pretty far away except for when they were directing traffic. Most of them were of color and were very nice and wished us well and people were thanking them. People gave speeches, walked around the downtown, and then hung out talking afterwards. It was really nice. We hung out in a café for hours afterwards talking about various things. I finished one more pussy hat to hand out at the march and did, and also hung out in a few stores and chatted with people. It was a good time.

Honestly, I don't know if or whatall else I might do in this world, I haven't figured out what I am willing to do (sorry, Michael Moore, but hoo boy would I not want to run for office), but I'm thinking about it.

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