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Relative Sinking

2005-01-22, 8:36 p.m.

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After much stressing, the couch is now in my apartment. The cats are running around on it happily.

Moving it in wasn't quite the disaster I thought it would be- Mom and I managed to get the thing in as far as the hallway before getting stumped. She then fetched the apartment manager and he got it in in three seconds. No joke, three seconds. Damn, boys are strong.

I also got a few boxes cleared out- the ones filled with computer equipment I can no longer use- as Mom wanted to give them to somebody or other. She also got one box emptied in a hurry somehow. So... more mess down, at least.

We then went to dinner, which was so much fun. Well, no, not really. Here's a catalog of the latest emotional disasters!

* Mom and Dad's neighbor named his twins Chase and Hunter. Dear lord.

* A guy Mom knew died, and his wife used the same kind of lift on him that Mom got for Dad. Aforementioned wife said it was fine with her if Mom called her for tips on using the dang thing. Mom's boss heard that and ripped her a new one for asking something like that to a woman who'd just lost her husband. Mom was all, "She told me to, but I couldn't say that to my boss, now could I?" I kept saying that her boss is an accountant and thus not up on every social grace, plus he has no idea what it's like to deal with someone sick for a long period of time.

* And speaking of karma getting someone in the ass, boss's wife has come down with some sort of permanent incurable inner ear disease that at times makes her too dizzy to walk. Mom offered her one of Dad's old walkers and boss got all snotty about it when saying no. Mom was all, "He'd rather have her walk into walls?!" *sigh* Poor woman.

* Uncle Brad's mother is being put into a home by his crazy sister. Apparently said sister (who's a nurse) badmouthed Uncle Brad to kingdom come for not doing it earlier. The kicker to this is, Uncle Brad was the one who'd wanted to put her into a home, and sister didn't want to. Poor Uncle Brad, he's the only decent one in his family.

* And speaking of homes...Grandma's probably been popping the wrong pills again, because she ended up in the hospital two days in a row for being too drugged to be awake. Grandpa, who's pretty much blind, was going around driving during this whole thing. The second time she got hauled in, the hospital won't let her out again unless she's released into a nursing home. Period. I have to say, thank goodness they're finally forcing the issue. The PITAS will be going up at some point to make arrangements. Mom's all, "Man, Grandma is going to be PISSED OFF, but she's the most pissed off at Uncle Bruce. I don't envy her a bit."

Here's a scary thing for you: Mom's got a stool pigeon (i.e. Grandma's neighbor) who calls her with details of these things, and apparently Grandma wans't eating much the last time she saw her. Considering Grandma's always been the type who would "come up from the grave to eat" (TM Margo Kaufman)...that's disturbing.

My family's going down like the Titanic. What can I say.

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