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2003-01-26, 10:18 p.m.

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Lord, what a weekend from hell. I don't even know how to describe it. Or how to portray it here.

Okay, here's how I'll start: Y'all know I have been worried about money lately. Well, in addition to everything else I've been bitching about in here, it's that time of the year here when the housing search starts. Which means that I have a few months to decide if I'm staying here or not. And I don't even know who I'll be living with. Dave and I have been talking about him moving in, but it hasn't been looking like he would be able to afford to in September. He hasn't seemed to really get that (a) it costs a lot more to live here, and (b) you have to put a lot of money down before you can even move in here. Given how soon I need to know for sure if he can afford it or not, and how much money he owes his family for putting him up all this time, and how not good at saving money he is, I've been having my doubts. I have been seriously debating telling him that I can't count on him moving in and need to find someone else to live with.

Cut to Friday night, when S&D show up and want to go out to the Indian casino. Which is REALLY not my thing to do (I hate the noise and the moneysucking), but okay, whatever. Though I'm freaking out at the idea of spending at all lately. Cell reception is nonexistent there, so I shut off the phone for the night. We're not there long, about long enough to get free slippers and Beanie Babies. We ate and went back home, and of course the phone rang- guess who was off work. He wanted to talk to Scott too at one point. After the call, Hill got home from work and we hung out with her for awhile. Dave called again for awhile, talked to Scott again, and then we left to go drinking and to IHOP.

However... the entire night for me somehow became an intervention. That everyone was doing on me. I really don't feel like going into great detail here, but during the course of the night I found out that:

(a) I wasn't the only one wondering/worrying about Dave's finances

(b) Apparently the two of us were being way too publicly lovey-dovey for everybody

(c) Him getting annoyed when his friends made sexual jokes to me was bugging people too, plus he looked like a jealous freak

(d) He had been slacking around on job hunting previously

(e) In general he was being rather snappy and jerky to everyone since he'd been unemployed, and none of his friends wanted to hang out with him any more.

It was a big ouch. I felt incredibly uncomfotable. It rather felt like they were saying that me being with him had made him into a jerk and that I should break up with him. I said as much, and they said that wasn't the case, but it still kind of felt that way.

And in a case of severely bad timing, Dave ended up with an unexpected day off from work Saturday and decided to come visit for the day. Only he was pulling the surprise thing again, and well, when he arrived, nobody was home.

When we arrived at 2 a.m., he was PISSED. Scott had er, been warned and I guess was supposed to hold us off. That didn't work. Feeling as bad as I was, I didn't know what to do. Except raid the fridge for more alcohol.

For at least the next few hours, a lot of yelling went on. Scott and Dave got into it, Hill got pulled in at some point, and eventually all the crap that had come up at dinner came out to Dave that night. I fortunately missed this, as I had passed out drunk on the floor in front of the TV. Strategic, eh?

I didn't want to wake up the next morning and deal with all of this.

S&D left early Saturday morning, and then Dave came in, obviously feeling like shit. We had the inevitable conversation about all my money panic. He said I should have told him earlier, as he could tell I'd been worried about something.

Our current deal here is that he will seriously work on saving up to move and if he can't make it by the end of June, I'll go find a roommate. In the meantime, we're limiting visits to the first and third weekend of every month, and I'll go visit him so as to get him out of Hill's hair more often. Hopefully, things will work out. We'll have to see.

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