Chaos Attraction

Never Doing This Again

2016-01-29, 6:46 p.m.

Yeah, I definitely didn't get the job. They held second interviews and finished them up today. As usual, I wasn't good enough.

New rules of life:
(a) Never applying here again--none of the areas I want will take me, and I feel like a fool again.
(b) I really need to stop telling people at all that I have a job interview. I told less people this time, so there's that, but if I ever have one again, I just shouldn't fucking mention it.
(c) God isn't going to save me from a shitty job. I have to save myself and I can't save myself worth a damn. I'll either get fired, shot at work, or go to a mental institution at the rate I am going.
(d) So much for everything.
(e) If someone tells me to not give up hope again because I haven't 100% been told no yet, I may punch them. I can fucking tell, people. That is not helping. You think it is, but it isn't.
(f) Time to drink again tonight.

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