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January Can Kiss My Ass

2005-31-01, 3:14 p.m.

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Awhile ago, I posted this to the LiveJournal:

"I think I'm ready for January to be over. I keep checking sites I know of that update monthly for a new entry. Oh, wait, there's still over a week left of January to go. Fuckadoodle."

Well, it's almost over, thank goodness. Even a "good" month of January is still kind of sucky.

Stuff keeps coming up at work this month (and next month, to be fair). This quote from my weekly horoscope pretty much sums up my work life of late: "You assumed that everything had been planned, decided and agreed on. But nooooo- now colleagues or VIPs have new ideas they want to implement, and your participation is required. Don't bother making vacation plans, Bull. You're about to be very busy with complex assignments. The good news is that you'll receive positive reviews for your efforts." This seems to be true so far, even if I haven't done a whole lot beyond going to meetings and occasionally making a comment I sure as hell can't print here that amused the hell out of people. That horoscope maker in general is giving me nothing but "Work's REALLY HEATING UP NOW!" messages of late. It's definitely weird of late to be in on this or that meeting like I'm some sort of management bigwig. I keep thinking, "Hey, I'm still a kid! Why am I doing this again?"

The weather is cold and foggy if not raining, and everything is just dreary. At my dance class this week, we've got a few grad students, and one was talking about the pain of adjusting to a quarter system from semester and asking when this quarter would end. I said that the thing I like best about the quarter system is that it ends so freaking soon when compared to semester. She seconded that. But the sun finally started coming out this week, which was great because I'd freaking forgotten what it looked like and was trying to remember via listening to my old "Summer of Fun" mixes from MATH+1.

Adding to the fun, January seems to be the Ultimate Month Of Sick. Everyone's sick. Heather had bronchitis, her boyfriend's gotten the flu twice or some such, everyone at work has had or still has bronchitis or the flu, my mom has bronchitis, and my boss is looking at me when I'm at work like she expects me to drop at any second.

Even I seem to be somewhat sick. About every few months I go through a few days where I have a random sore throat for no reason for two days, but this bout's lasted since Tuesday. It's not ragingly painful or distracting, but it's still hanging around no matter how much drinking I do. Adding to the fun, this seems to have er, increased snot production, which has meant that despite all of the heavy drugs I'm on for post-pneumonia permacough from hell, I'm going around coughing again. Not remotely severely, mind you, but from Tuesday through Sunday I pretty much didn't sleep at all because I was coughing most of the night. Going to bed early didn't help, and I didn't even get to sleep in this weekend. I went so far as to tell Heather last night that if I didn't sleep again, I just plain wasn't going to show up to work tomorrow. Luckily for work, I actually managed it last night. Working out for two hours a day is really helping the cough thing under normal circumstances, but under semi-sick circumstances, not quite so much.

But all things considered, this has been the best of January's. Things are going well at the CC, I've learned how to fuse glass, and I've spent most of the month at the gym knocking off six pounds, whee! I can wear old pants again! Plus, when Mom called to brag about her weight loss of late... apparently I was outweighing my mother. Okay, so I'm four inches taller than her, but still! She has bigger boobs than I do! Shouldn't that count for something?!

And yet, still, I can't wait for January to end. Even if January leads to February, which leads to my former anniversary with Dave (oh well, I shall be busy all that day, goofing off at the CC. Whee!).

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