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2019-02-05, 8:35 p.m.

I had a productive meeting/demo with my boss today about That Mailing Company That Should Fix Everything. She will bring it up with her boss on Friday. I have fairly high hopes, for this joint, anyway. I think the 2nd in command boss will definitely be all for it, but getting BigBoss (still out with concussion) on board physically may be an issue even if I can't imagine she'd say no and I think she would totally approve.

My therapy appointment today pretty much got borked today--turns out my shrink has sudden random hearing loss, which is when she said "all those times I couldn't hear you? It was me, not you." So she had a hearing test that was not done by appointment time but since I wasn't done with my meeting either, that was fine. Then she had an emergency appointment at 1 and an MRI in the future. I am just hoping she doesn't come down with Meniere's or something like my cousin's cousin Randall. (Seriously, dude lives and works on a mountain with windy roads and him having this with the vertigo terrifies me.) I do know from Randall that you can do some hearing aid hookups with your phone these days though, so that's...something.

We did a 15 minute check in and I did tell her about Mom's weekend behavior re: the toilet and she was all, "Should I call Adult Protective Services on this?" Like at this point we're thinking it's pretty borderline/getting there, except that would start even more drama and not make anything better. HUGE SIGH.

Heard from the professor again and she was all "coffee or alcohol friend date?" Yes, good point. I proposed when I am open for stuff--after Wednesday at least I don't have any set in stone stuff for the rest of the week, and we'll see what she thinks. I think alcohol date would be fun, just have to figure out the driving issue. No idea where she lives with regards to bars and the like, so that might not be feasible, who knows. We shall see. Still psyched though!

I am continuing to enjoy hanging out with the new coworkers--the female one came into our office around 4 and was all "I am so lonely in that office! I'm an extrovert!" So we all had fun chat time after the phones were off (new male coworker has more adorable kid stories and new female coworker added her own, and we all talked about pit bulls for a while). But I did think, "Hey, I WOULD BE JUST FINE IF I COULD HAVE MY OWN PRIVATE OFFICE WHERE NOBODY BUGS ME ALL DAY. I WOULD NOT BE LONELY OR OVERLOADED BY TOO MANY CALLS. " Sigh. Never happening. Nobody wants me for that. (I did make myself look for jobs today and it was all a bunch of "technically you don't qualify for this and you don't even want any of it really.")

Oh, and my mosaic class just hit minimum, so it's running this quarter. Sigh. I was kinda hoping it'd be canceled because even though I was trying to schedule it otherwise (i.e. not running in January) it is now going to run into Gumbo rehearsal time, but as it turns out, it's only running into the first week of March, so hopefully that isn't too big of a problem compared to it being the first two weeks of March like I thought. (Or at least I'm not holding an extra fifth bonus class like usual.) My CC obligations at least will be done by then for at least two weeks.

In other news, I am home tonight when I wasn't supposed to be and I am annoyed about it. My improv class is supposed to be five weeks AND then they throw in a free viewing of the rehearsal for the next sketch show that theater company is doing (and the teacher is directing). It's on the damn flier, FFS. Since I was going to have to take off and make up extra time to go to the thing, I kept asking about it every week and would get semi-vague stuff like "Oh yeah! That's happening!" and while I got a time for it--7:30-- it was just kind of weird. Like when I asked about it for the third time, he got everyone's email addresses. You may have guessed by now that I didn't get e-mailed confirming this was going on or anything.

But by now I have already booked out the time from the CC and got someone to do the shift for me, so I felt like all I could do at this point was show up and see what happened. Sure 'nuff, I'm the only one from class who showed up and JR told me that oh, preview is on Thursday night, but I can still hang out and watch if I want. I was all "um, no, this is way too awkward now" and left.

Grr, argh, seriously? Like I asked a bunch of times about this, it's on your schedule and everything...*facepalm*

I could go on Thursday since it's my last free one for awhile but right now I am kinda steamed. I ended up getting gas and then going to the dollar store for valentines and candy to hand out at my class. I spend Valentine's Day usually at the CC anyway so I might as well hand out things to people, grade school style.

And now I am sitting at home grumbling about people and scheduling. Come on, dude.

Time to watch some distracting YouTube with the rest of my evening.

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