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Washout Weekend

2005-02-06, 5:14 p.m.

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What a weekend, what a washout.

Jess canceled on the getting together. Julian's badly sick and she's on her way there. Pretty much figures, and I can't say I was feeling all that surprised about it.

I was supposed to have a jewelry class this Sunday and next, but that got postponed- teacher had car trouble.

The annoying thing about that is now I'm going to have that class during the 3-day weekend that I was going to take off to get my hair done and stuff like that. Grrr.

Oh, and did I mention Heather went to Oregon for a few days? Which wouldn't be such a big deal except she was gone during rent day, and didn't exactly leave me any money behind.

I know nobody can help it, but still. Some days it's like, why bother to make any plans?

So, it was another weekend at home alone, except for obsessive visits to the gym. Well, that was the fun part- that and getting through the two weeks of TV on tape that I missed and Netflix stash. And I finally finished my sweater! Amazing. I can't believe the thing's done. It's currently lying around drying and being blocked, so hopefully the thing will flatten itself out once it's dry. Now I'm going to attempt to design my own matching skirt pattern, since I can't seem to find any premade ones I like.

I would also like to announce that I am over the hormonal crazyfest that was Friday. Way over. I have happily come to my senses once again.

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