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The Meltdown Continues...

2009-02-09, 8:18 a.m.

Note: this entry is pure bitchy. Be warned.

I spent pretty much all weekend (except for Friday night where I went to an improv show) in meetings. And yet, did we get anything done? Eh.... It's been like fucking herding cats here, except herding actual cats is easier than getting people to concentrate on WE NEED TO DO THIS for more than an hour or two.

Saturday meeting #1: screenprinting group T-shirts for the conference. Well, most of the shirts got done. Which is to say, uh, all the shirts that got bought got done, but we should have gone out and gotten more shirts because we definitely did not have enough for everyone.

As for talking about the group presentation...not at bloody all, especially when everyone else was all, "I want to go hooooome" around 3, because of family. Grrr. Speaking as the bitch with no family, no SO, no loved ones in town I wanted to see, I was thinking, "But...we're RUNNING OUT OF TIME HERE, people."

Saturday meeting #2: went to a book swap group. Well, that at least was productive in the "got rid of like 15 books and brought home 2" sort of way. (Then the next day I went to the $5/bag book sale at the library and brought home like 25 more. Yup, that was productive.)

Sunday meeting #1: my writing prompts group continues to only have two of us showing up. Sigh. Even when someone else claims they are gonna show. I do wonder if I can keep on affording to take 2-3 hours off during a busy day to wait around to see if anyone else shows up.

The other girl and I were talking about how we hate leadership stuff, big time. Neither of us exactly comes off as authoritative- she's a low talker, I'm a fast talker- and it's not like we want to be yelling, "OKAY, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DO THIS NOW." But on the other hand, you can only do so much democracy with few people (example: Battlestar Galactica).

Sunday meeting #2: To be fair, we did get general group business out of the way- setting some meetings, Ostara party, birthday party, et al. for the people not going to the conference. But we put off doing conference stuff because someone who was going got stuck in a work meeting at the same time. He never got to show up, so that kinda didn't work out.

Then came dinner, and everyone's attention span went out the window. And then some people were all, "Hey, we brought a movie! Let's watch Mamma Mia!" And you know you're not gonna get ANY damn meeting stuff done once someone's all "MOVIE!" So we still haven't done arrangements for who's going where for the conference...or worked on the presentation. Because watching Mamma Mia was MUCH more important.


So now we are down to ONE possible day left to have a meeting before the conference, and I'm wondering how much flaking is gonna happen then too. I really don't want to be up all night Saturday (this conference is sleep-depriving as is when the parties start around 11 p.m.) having to plan this because nobody wanted to do it until the gun was about to go off (presentation is Sunday night), but I suspect that's gonna happen.

Then again, I probably shouldn't judge, because while I have worked on my own presentation, I haven't worked on it LATELY, and I really should be doing it. I could not drag myself to do anything other than knitting during the few hours I was home this weekend. Lame. I'm generally not a total procrastinator, but I think everyone else's doing so is infecting me. Gah!

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