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2021-02-10, 7:43 p.m.

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Slightly more busy at work today. I might have gotten myself in trouble by grumbling over yet another international client being bratty at me ("I shouldn't have to pay money to get it mailed again!") in the morning meeting, but my boss didn't follow up on it, I think she was distracted with her kid's broken arm. This one was someone I warned was highly likely to lose his Important Document in the mail and he wrote me back complaining where is it, on the email where I warned him that he was likely to lose it. I said here is how much it costs to rush it, and he got rude and gripey. Later he admitted he just didn't have the money and needed to put it on a credit card and otherwise chilled out, and we managed to negotiate it down to making him pay for special shipping and not a rush, so at least the thing won't be lost. It's amazing how often people demand a rush and then after finding out how much it is, back down and say, "No, it's fine if it takes two months. Anyway, after he chilled, it was better.

On a good news side, the in-house staff had enough people and time today and spent hours actually looking for all the in-house Important Documents and mailing almost all of them out! HUZZAH! I sent my kudos. Though I am annoyed that I think like nine of them should have been in house and were not found. I can only assume the Evil Important Documents Fairy (cousin to the Sock Fairy) made off with them again.

In other news, Joss Whedon is branded Officially Shitty. Sigh. I haven't been a super fan of most of the shitty people (Louis CK, ugh, never was into him), and I'm only a casual Harry Potter fan and haven't been into JKR's later works, so I'm not particularly missing her. I think the last one that disappointed me all that personally was Al Franken, who hadn't exactly been doing artistic output for awhile. But let's face it, kinda suspected for years it was gonna go there with Joss. Bleah. I do not know how to handle the ethical dilemma of that one since Buffy/Angel/etc. were my shows of the heart. Sigh.

I'm not watching the impeachment proceedings live, just reading a website liveblog to keep up, but it sounds like today was pretty tragic. Too bad it literally won't do ANY GOOD to actually convict him. I did watch the invasion video though.

I relate to this song.

I didn't do much else tonight. I thought an activity was going on, but I guess it wasn't. I wrote to Kelly a bit and I did write the letter to my parents, per my therapist. I kept it at about two pages, didn't feel super like I had much to say there. It boiled down to "y'all were always fighting," basically. Sigh.

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