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Dancing and Shopping

2005-02-12, 6:27 p.m.

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Dance class has been interesting of late. My teacher got a letter asking if he'd be willing to have students perform at Picnic Day. We don't have a troupe and don't do performances (it's a workout-only class) and usually only do routines that are like a minute or two long, but he's just started a new routine with us that actually takes up most of the song, so that could work. He asked if anyone was interested, and I said I would be if it went on. It'd be nice to perform at Picnic Day again, now that I'm a graduate and can't do the fashion shows any more. I made a crack that we should be the Brigadoon dance troupe- we're here for one day and then disappear!

Then again, I'm not sure if we'll get that far. The teacher is making noises about maybe not having the class any more after this quarter because the gym is giving him crap about holding it there. We're all writing letters to the gym asking them to let us keep the class there, but who knows. I wrote a darned good letter, but I wouldn't hold out hope too much. I hope it doesn't end, though, because if it does, he wants to move it to 24 Hour Fitness or some other joint I'll never go to because it's on the far-ass side of town.

In the meantime, aforementioned teacher offers an abs/workout class that runs around lunch four days a week on campus, and was bugging us all to come to it (it's free if you're signed up for the 2-hour dance marathon that I take). He was asking me if there was any way I could work it so I could go. Normally I've told him, "Um, if it ends right at 1 p.m., and I'm supposed to be BACK in my office at 1 p.m., I'd have to leave early to go put my work clothes on again and it's a five minute walk back to my office." Today he was all, "Can't you figure out some way to not have to change clothes? Hey, I wear these pants to work." I said I'd think about it. We have next Monday off from school/work and he said he was going to hold class anyway, so I said I'd go check it out.

I was in a good mood after class and it was a beautiful day out (no need to wear a coat! Hell, I had my sweatshirt jacket unzipped!), so I decided to wander around outside. Which, being me, meant that I ended up doing some shopping.

I checked out a newly rebuilt gallery in town and discovered they had some great glass fused/wire-wrapped pendants for sale. I evidently don't know the artist, but I feel I should know her. Clearly, we play in the same sandbox, but at different times. Anyway, I got a lovely lavender-and-dichroic wrapped piece to go with my finished sweater.

Later on I started wandering the hippie-ish/natural jewelry stores looking at jewelry, and ended up in the Indian/gorgeous jewelry store, where I got a lovely pair of black silk Indian wrap pants. I figure they're fancy enough to wear to work, great for wearing in variable spring/early summer weather where you can't figure out whether or not to wear pants or shorts, and I can wear them over my dance pants on days where I go to the gym. Awesome. Worth the money. Ironically, I found similarly styled pants in a much less nice fabric and shorter in another store, for more money. Boy, did I luck out.

Next, I hit a girly/used clothing store, where I found the following three items for cheap!
(a) A gold tank top. It's hard to find a gold shirt that isn't so metallic it's stiff, or ugly, or tacky, but this one worked. I plan on wearing it with a green-and-gold skirt I have, which hasn't gotten out much since my tits outgrew its matching gold blouse. Hee.
(b) A gorgeous red-and-gold-and-yellow skirt, to wear with yellow shirts.
(c) A lovely purple-flowered halter dress, which I shall have fun with in the spring.

And finally, I needed to go buy some more dance pants.

So while I spent a fuckload, at least I haven't done clothing shopping by myself in awhile, and roughly half the clothes I got were useful. The rest, well, happy Valentine's Day to me!

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