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Valentine's Blowout

2008-02-15, 8:13 a.m.

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Well, for once I wasn't a total raging bitch crankypants wearing all black and sulking about being left out on Valentine's Day. I even wore colors (okay, dark blue and hot'd have to see the shirt to understand).

The key to not hating VD, as it turns out, is reclaiming old-school kiddie Valentines. And getting on a mailing list where we all send out Valentines. You should see the collection I have on my desk. I didn't go handmade myself (I sent Hello Kitty and Pirates of the Caribbean kiddie ones. The Pirates came with temporary tattoos and the HK's had puzzles), but some people do some goooood work! Some people put some out in the cubbies at the CC too, which was sweet.

I went to a talk at work about how to become a person who works on websites officially. (Technically speaking, I do this part-time at my job, but that pretty much happens only when something else isn't exploding over the summer.) This was interesting. Apparently being a webmaster-type is really high in interest and job satisfaction. The one tricky part of this being, you do have to program. God knows I've fiddled with (however many I have, I've LOST TRACK) websites since the 90's on my own, but apparently all the programmers in the panel taught themselves out of books. Tricky.

My career counselor was at this thing as well (she sat next to me and we yakked about beads before it started- yup, she's a crafter. And she invited me to go to a bead show with her in May!), and she asked a lot of good questions. Very helpful.

I was supposed to bring/buy dinner on my CC shift last night, and one place in town was offering a "Love Stinks" special where they gave you free garlic. I thought this was great and everyone else on my shift thought it would be amusing to garlic-breathe on everyone while we had to work on this day, so I planned on having garlicy pizza for dinner.

About five minutes before I was gonna call in the order (around 6 p.m.), the power went out on the entire campus. So uh, we got to go home early. I went out with some folks (Merry, her kid who was also there taking a class, and one of the girls on my shift) to the pizza joint and ordered anyway, but still didn't get my garlic. *sigh* Oh well. At least I got to go home early and pack and watch Lost. And it made for an interesting VD story. And it was comforting to see the place was packed with NON-couples having a good time.

This morning, though, I actually tried to use a hair dryer for once and blew out my power. Given how power has been IFFY in this town of late, I assumed the power was totally out, called in an outage report to PG&E...then realized my laptop in the living room still had power. Blew a fuse. Duh.

In other news: my writer's group now has a NOVELIST's group meeting once a month. I couldn't make the first meeting (lack of ride. It's bad enough that I can't find a group in my town, but I really wish a meeting could go on near a county bus stop one of these eons), but people very nicely made arrangements for who I could get a ride with for future meetings. Which was SO NICE of them.

On the other hand, they now have monthly mandatory meetings on Thursdays, which means I have to switch my CC shift night. Okay, I was planning on (temporarily) doing that for spring quarter anyway because my birthday is on a Thursday and I'd like the option to not work on that day, but still. Slightly irritating. Plus I have to skip the March meeting 'cause I'm still working.

Oh well, it's something we all need to do, especially since normal writer's group only lets you do 4 pages at a time due to tons of people.

I REALLY NEED TO GET WRITING AGAIN. All I want to do any more is knit these days. *sigh*

In other news: leaving for the convention today. Am nervous as all hell about it. Kind of wish more people in the group were going than just three of us. Am not looking forward to the inevitable ex-friend awkwardness situation, but really, what can you do.

Mom has actually uh, handled the news of me going to Something She Does Not Approve Of (it's a hippie-type convention) fairly well, which is to say she hasn't freaked a whole lot. Whew.

Guess who's NOT getting married today! Guess what couple totally flaked on making an appointment to do that?!


On the one hand, am glad I won't have Mom calling me in crisis mode all weekend. And I figured odds were 50/50 this would actually happen anyway.

But bitch, PLEASE. If the two of you CAN'T GET ON THE STICK AND FUCKING ELOPE, for chrissake, SHOULD YOU BE GETTING MARRIED? Even for a green card, this seems stupid. He should be wanting to get it over with ASAP, and supposedly she was screaming with excitement when he got divorced...and yet, hello? She can't pick up a phone and call the courthouse? Or him?

I gather Mom has had several talking-tos to him about this, which amount to "uh, he can't somehow manage to break up with her, so let's get married." Or something. And he actually made a comment along the lines of, "I should tell her that if she won't marry me, you (i.e. Mom) will." Yeah, let's see her get moving when he says THAT.

Honestly, how does my mom manage to out-drama and out-stupid me when it comes to relationships?

I told her she needs to date someone available, and she said in a small voice that she shouldn't date anyone because she can't pick them (except for settling for Dad, that is). I was all, "Oh, THAT'S where I get it from?!"

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