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Ax of Murder

2016-03-06, 8:37 p.m.

As for the rest of my weekend:

On Saturday morning, Mom and I finally used a voucher to take a fused glass class in my hometown (my shrink found it and insisted I get this as a Christmas present for her). While the studio itself was lovely and the artist's work was really lovely, I found the owner to For example, her website said to call ahead to make reservations because "space fills up fast" and to print out the voucher and bring it in. The second we walked in, she attacked me and griped at me, "Why didn't you download the app? You could have saved some paper. Why didn't you download the app? Now I'm going to have to use my old slow computer to deal with this."


This was followed by having to wait around for other attendees to show up (they did not, apparently "everyone else" booked for Sunday), hearing the owner complain about how people "steal" her designs* and how she had surgery and she's unhappy about it and she just hired an assistant today and she mostly just yakked to the assistant. She did talk to me about teaching classes since my mom blabbed about it, which was interesting, but overall I was rather turned off. There wasn't exactly much instruction going on either (though to be fair, we literally were gluing pre-cut pieces to pre-cut pieces). I did like doing dichroic glass pendants since we don't really do that where I work, but otherwise...

* as someone else who also works in glass, I honestly don't think that is something that's easy to do. Even if you try to copy someone, you probably can't really replicate what they are doing because glass is kinda flexible. I attempted to argue this with her and got nowhere, of course.

Oh yeah, and she wanted me to sign up for her mailing list--but I had to use technology! I had to text her number, get charged extra for it, and then it refused to save my e-mail address. FFS. Anyway...I wish her the best and it's nice to have a glass studio where I'm from, but the lady was kinda getting on my nerves. And Mom's too.

I spent the rest of Saturday doing super exciting shit like having to buy another electric toothbrush, because there's nothing like needing surgery to make your previous expensive electric toothbrush die. Thankfully Mom had BB&B coupons for that. That night, despite the horrendous storms going on, we went to Sunol to see a little theater company that specializes in melodramas.

This year's selection was called Ax of Murder: a theater company hires a writer who Just Happens to bring in a script called “Ax of Murder” that sounds a lot like their theater company setup. They’re all, this is perfect and the writer is all, no that script is haunted! Then random people start dying and there’s a lot of references to the pre-columbian amazonian dart gun. I thought it was a modern melodrama. A cop is called in, the lights go out a lot. Eventually it’s revealed that all of this was a sting between the cops and the writer (the brother of an actor who died 2 years ago mysteriously) to figure out who killed the actor 2 years ago. It was an accident, the killer said!

The folks I was at the play with thought it was a whole bunch of nothing, and the actor whodunit said to us afterwards she missed the melodrama and wanted it back again.

On Sunday we had breakfast with Mo (which may have been their most recent date since New Year's), which was fun. Mostly ended up talking about my car trouble and not really getting anywhere with that. Mom wanted to bum around the town nursery for awhile, and then I went home.

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