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2019-03-06, 11:20 p.m.

Yesterday the latest Seanan McGuire book (“That Ain’t Witchcraft”) came out. I was a good girl and pre-ordered it at my local bookstore so they do not go out of business. I know I have to buy the book ASAP or else they won’t make enough sales and the series won’t continue. (Sigh.) However, I got the call the book was in late last night and thus I had to go during lunch today.

DURING LUNCH TODAY WAS ABSOLUTELY POURING. I was utterly soaked. I was using my “rain purse” today because it has a zipper and plastic outside and a lining and that got soaked. My heavy huge hot rain coat got soaked. Everything from the waist down was soaked. And the poor book that I went out to buy? I tried to pack it in yarn in the purse but it still got partially soaked and actually lost the corner of the back of it because it was so wet by the time I got back.

Oddly enough, the notebook I had in there was still pretty much dry from its plastic cover. Go figure. Soaked my knitting catchall, ruined my CC pass, but the notebook was fine.

(That book better be a bestseller, y'all.)

I know, I know, “we need the rain, we’re in a drought” (not much of one any more, we’re not) but goddamn I am sick of the pouring rain and the danger. Oh, and by the afternoon it was sunny again...then started raining when I had to drive to writer’s group and then stopped...and then was off and on even worse on the drive home. And my car was steaming up every 15 seconds just driving down the street when I got back into town, FFS.

One good thing about no Gumbo: at least I’m not driving in that every damn night this rain season. Last year there was flooding and hail.

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