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The Musical Title Is Accurate

2014-03-12, 10:44 a.m.

Oh, Daylight Savings Time, I love you so. I love that there's more than one hour of daylight going on after I get out of work now. I have refused to drive to the Bay Area after work gets out all non-DST season after the one time I did it, I suspect I nearly got myself killed. This weekend I had to go back there again and did the usual take-the-train-in, get-a-ride-back thing.... but I don't plan on doing that again for awhile. The weekend was....interesting. It was about half good and half not so good.

I went to see The Lego Movie with Jackie, which was....awesome! Seriously, can this get nominated for an Oscar? Or a few Oscars? It's very impressive for a kids' movie.

While I was out with her, I mentioned that we were going to see a musical that night that looked like it was going to be very good from the title alone, and I mentioned that it was a long running show. Jackie said something along the lines of "that doesn't necessarily mean it's good." I got annoyed at this at the time, but it turned out she was right. Or at least, I just wasn't that into the show and Mom kept falling asleep during it.

It came off as a series of SNL-ish skits, except with musical numbers thrown in. There isn't really a plot or characters to care about so much. It probably didn't help either that one of the actresses came off as a creepy nerd with a grating high pitched voice a la Kristen Wiig, who I am not a fan of. So by the end of the first act I was already feeling rather meh and disappointed...

AND THEN MY EVIL AUNT AND UNCLE GOT UP DURING INTERMISSION. Yes, those people were there in the front. Now, I had seen a listing for the group my uncle used to perform with on the program...but I figured "eh, it couldn't happen, they probably don't go to these shows...." Hahahahah. They didn't spot us when they got up, but Mom turned away and I shoved the program in front of my face like I was in a bad movie. We then spent the intermission debating leaving halfway through because there was no way we wouldn't run into them on the way out, and it's not like I wanted to talk to them and fake politeness. Mom wasn't in the mood either after all of that watch drama. So after they sat back down in their seats, we ran the hell out of there! I feel terrible about leaving a show early, but dear lord, it wasn't a good enough show to pay the price of dealing with my crazy relatives. (And in all honesty, the audience didn't seem super hyped for it either.)

As for Sunday, we slept in late, which was great. On the other hand, Mom started devolving again and basically picked on me all the way home. The title of that musical sometimes seems to really sum up our relationship of "I love you, BUT....fix everything I don't like already." I think she's mad at me for seeing Jackie and taking away one whole day from her on weekends. Given how angry it makes her that her friend Pat picks on her all the time, you'd think she'd get the message when I start yelling that she's doing the same to me and it's hurting my feelings and STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP, but it does not. I'm so tired of being told that I don't maintain boundaries. Well, folks, when I'm screaming at the top of my lungs in public for her to stop and she can't or won't stop, what else do you suggest? Gah. Well, at least I'll be driving myself around now that it's DST, so I won't have to be trapped in a car with her when the crazy kicks in. The woman cannot have dead time or else bad thoughts creep in and she must share them.

For the record, she did apologize extensively in text (restraining herself from a phone call or three, which is miraculous), so there is that. I gather her personal trigger buttons were going off and once again, she didn't see the difference between her and me and that I don't have the issue that she's so paranoid about. Sigh.

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