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2005-03-20, 10:13 p.m.

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Okay, okay. I need to go discuss other stuff going on instead of moping about ye olde horrible family situation. Though to be honest, most of this entry will be posting links to stuff I already posted elsewhere. Eh, what the hell.

We had the Craft Center open house and staff party last Friday afternoon, and it was much fun. The T-shirts were cooler this year, free stuff was raffled off (though I didn't win), much yakking was done, and all had a good time. Plus I was drooling over the demonstrations, particularly the lampwork and glass sculpture ones. (More on that in a bit.) I was going to do a nice elaborate entry on this, but um, it's over a week later, so I'll just post a link to the pictures I took of the event and let you read the captions and stuff instead.

There was
an article in the Aggie about the upcoming glass sculpture class afterwards that annoyed the crap out of me, but I was amused to find this at the CC afterwards. The article, with pertinent part underlined, is also posted at the CC. On my shift this week, I talked to the manager about it- I guess Nakona was insisting on going sans last name like Madonna- and she said she wants next quarter's shirt to have that quote on it, and then we can have a tie-dye party to do the shirts. Hee hee hee. I love this place so much.

I am fairly whiny about my CC schedule next quarter. I usually volunteer on Wednesdays, mainly because there usually isn't anything going on those days there that I'd want to do. I put Wednesday night down as my first choice again and Thursday as my second choice, since I didn't want to schedule anything on Tuesdays in case I wanted to go to a bead store thing and Mondays I knew I'd want to take a class. I did some blabbing on what I want to sign up for here, mentioning at the time that I might take a murini class on Thursdays.

Well, so much for that. While I was at the CC party, the manager told me that all of the girls currently working the Monday night shift collectively decided they wanted to stay 2gether4evah!!!, and if I wanted to go on Wednesday I'd be "breaking up a tea party", and um, could I do the Thursday shift?

Sigh. Well, there goes the murini class. There also goes volunteering with one of my favorite people at the CC who does the afternoon shift(there's an overlap between nights and afternoons), and it'll be her last time ever because she's graduating. And I already told her I'd do Wednesdays, too.

Also annoying is that I don't even know the person who's supposed to be my manager next time (one of the new people), and all of the other people I would have liked to have been on shift with went elsewhere. I don't even know the people on the sheet with mine, but the only flexible time choices at this point for night shifts if I wanted to move are Mondays, which is a no-go. I'll miss the people I've been on with, they've been tons of fun, and who knows if the new group will be another "let's sit quietly and study all fucking night long" group of people. At least all of them appear to be old-timers on volunteering, and thus won't be as likely to fucking flake out.

I suppose there's some benefits to this- I can go hang out at Farmers Market on Wednesday nights again now, and it leaves me free to take either an improv class or a magic class on Wednesday nights through the EC. (So far, I think improv is winning.) Though upon checking the EC catalog, I'm considering taking the propaganda course, just for shits and giggles, even if it's on a Tuesday.

Yakking on more about the CC, I finished my glass fusing class this week. I've been having a lot of fun in it. The teacher said last night he hopes I keep it up because I have a real talent- wow.

I do need to get to finishing off the stuff I've made. I did a few beaded necklaces the other week that came out pretty cool.

We are getting new neighbors (of sorts) in the apartment complex. Heather's friend Brian that moved into a one-bedroom in September wanted to get a roommate, so he took over the lease of someone upstairs from us wanting to move out early. And Heather's boyfriend Chris's sister Sarah will be his new roommate. They came over last night and she was very excited. This shall be...amusing... since (a) Chris usually hates his sister, and (b) his sister is very nice and hot, but I hear is... live with. (There are cat issues.) Plus, each of them thinks the other is cute- though her version of "cute" may very well be different from his, if you know what I mean, and I think you might. Oh, the drama that will ensue! Let me get my booze and popcorn!

And speaking of TEH DRAMA going on in the family, I found out this week that my cousin Kristen didn't get into this school. This is a disaster of major proportions considering that her dad and I are alumni of the school and her "perfect" older sister is attending the place. As far as I know she got into everywhere else she's applied to so far, including a private school and another UC as well as a few CSU's (one of them being her mother's alma mater), but that isn't really going to matter compared to the family shame that will be brought down on her head. Now and forever (unless she manages to swing an appeal, which frankly I don't think she will because she doesn't have a recently dead relative, isn't an immigrant, is white, and doesn't have any majorly sick or disabled immediate family members. In short, no excuse for non-perfect grades), she will be The Family Loser Who Couldn't Get Into UCD And Sucks, Sucks, Sucks.

Kristen is already the designated "stupid" one and "bad" one in the family (because everyone has to have one, even if you're not all that "bad" or "stupid") and has been since she was old enough to talk, and she's already getting tons of hell of late. Apparently she's been cutting first period because she wants to avoid the teacher, and she's desperate to move out of the house on her 18th birthday. And (ahem) I'm not the only one in the family with an online journal. I guess Alicia found Kristen's, which is all ranting about how horrible her family is, started crying, and refused to tell her mother where it is because it was so hurtful. Yup, I'm glad no one has a clue about mine.

For the most part, I'm on Kristen's side here. I don't think she has a chance at happiness until she's moved the hell away from her family, and she'll be miserable with them because she's the designated "bad one." I keep telling my mother (also the middle child, also the designated "bad one", so you'd think she'd get it) and she keeps being surprised and shocked at this. "You don't think they can be a happy family? What about counseling?" She keeps claiming that "Kristen is all about Kristen" and that she doesn't care about others. I say it's hard to care about others when they just plain don't think very well of you and you KNOW it.

I suspect when they go to counseling it'll be a "How do we fix Kristen" situation instead of admitting that the "bad girl" attitude is wrong and adjusting themselves as well. I mean, dude, she's not BAD. She's not a teenage drunk, she doesn't do drugs, she doesn't sleep around. How is she "bad" these days? She fakes sick to get out of class (something my mom and aunt both admit to doing), she comes home late (Mom does that to this day), and her grades aren't perfect. Her big "rebellion" was a year or so ago when she had a bunch of Baptist friends and started going to the Baptist church with them instead of the Methodist one. Yeah, she's baaaaaaaaaaad to the bone, man. Her parents don't know how lucky they ARE to have such a "bad" kid.

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