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Party Planning: The Penultimate Day

2009-03-20, 8:42 a.m.

So, had a party planning meeting last night.

I am happy to announce agreement on the following:
(a) where to hold the thing: at the girl's house. It might be slightly small for the sheer numbers of people who might pour in (see below), but hey, at least we have a place.
(b) at an indoor location with outdoor option.
(c) no, we will not be changing the location at 5 p.m. on the day of depending on weather.

So, relief there.

I did get a list of possible attendees for the thing. About 15 certain/probably going to shows and 4-5 maybes.

That's...still more people than I expected (I have been planning for around 14-15). Some people went crazy with the inviting, it seems.

I need to get more plastic eggs.

Sigh. And here comes another complaint e-mail along the lines of "I'm uncomfortable with that, maybe I should just not go." Gaaaaaaah.

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