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Five Minutes Late Is More Important

2019-03-21, 9:47 p.m.

I talked to that girl again today--the meeting with her manager doesn’t sound like it was much of anything. The manager said that the bully got in trouble for things like having a poster and coming back from lunch 5 minutes late. I just want to say: THAT was a priority to go to HR about? Five minutes late, vs. bullying?!

What the hell is wrong with our world, man.

I also saw a job listing that I qualify for. BUT: (a) it is an office that I do not like because they roadblock us on everything and (b) that office despises my office. Gee, you think I’d get a job there? Also, now I’m thinking that one of my nice contacts over there must have left...somehow. Ruh-roh.

Anyway, other than that stuff, today was a much nicer day, thank goodness, with a minimum of stressing. Huzzah. New Girl said that yesterday sucked for her too--some drama about her insurance--and she went home and drank beer too!

GQ update: one of his kids is sick but improving, his wife is afraid she’s losing her hair but he was very sweet about it, and we found out that it is apparently perfectly socially acceptable in the South for white fraternities to have Civil War cannons on their lawn, pointed at black student centers. What the smegging fuck.

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