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2007-03-26, 10:08 a.m.

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So, I am back from vacation. Back in the old burg, it's raining and nobody is around this week. Yup, it's real exciting. Though I must admit that I did enjoy the quiet this morning, seeing as everyone at Jess's is a up-long-before-the-crack-of-dawn person and ah, they are all VERY LOUD from approximately 5-7 a.m. I think I really need to stop whining when the people upstairs have squeaky sex or make coffee right above my head at 5 a.m., comparatively speaking.

Incidentally, what is with the weather of late? I go to SoCal on a week where it's predicted to be warm and sunny, and it rains/is pea-soup-cloudy for half the week. I go back up here a few days after the warm kicked in, and it's raining again. I have been knitting a sweater for awhile (it's half-done after this week) and I can't help but think that by the time it's done, the weather will have swung around enough in a pendulum-style fashion so that I get a few wearings out of it before the 110-degree weather finally kicks in for good. Jess has a thing for listening to right-wing radio (sheer perversity?), and one day the show hosts were bitching about how Al Gore is full of shit with this whole global warming thing. Uh, with wacky weather all over the place, how can you claim it doesn't exist?!

Anyway, it was a good time. We did a lot of shopping. I stocked up on Hawaiian merchandise, even though theoretically (I say theoretically until tickets are paid for) I'll be going to the actual place in a few months. I bought fuckloads of beads- suffice it to say that I don't need to do any shopping to stock up for making jewelry for Whole Earth now. Jess taught me how to make hemp jewelry, and I whipped out some pieces. As usual, I bookwhored my way through like five or six Borders stores or something. And there was a bit of beach time, and a whale watching cruise, where we saw three whales and a bunch of harbor seals. Good times.

Incidentally, I had a thought: why is there nothing else to do in the world besides (a) eat/drink, (b) go to the movies, or (c) shop, when one wants to go hang out and do something on a Friday night? Seriously, Mike and I went through the Internet for something like an hour trying to find something interesting to attend/go to and found NOTHING, so we ended up wandering around Irvine Spectrum (even though Jess was Quite Sick Of Shopping by then, and hell, even I was slightly OD'd a bit that night).

Every time I am in SoCal (or anywhere where palm trees grow in profusion, to be honest), I think about moving. I start reading the local media while I'm there, scanning the jobs listings, crap like that. This time, I was reading the free newsweekly and practically developing a crush on one of the writers because he wrote something freaking brilliant, and hey, they've got job openings (apparently because whoever took over the company is evil and everyone is quitting, though)... You know, stupid crap like that. Though it is pretty much a pipe dream because at the very least, I can't move pretty much anywhere other than to the Bay Area (which I am NOT GONNA DO) if I can't drive.

Jess did make a good point, though: I am uh, kind of being aged out of this town. *sigh*

On the other hand, there are things I do like here and still want to explore that I can't really do elsewhere. The CC is probably irreplaceable, for example. Plus I got into the coven (whee!!!), so there's that. And my awesome shrink. So, there's a few reasons why I still want to stick around, for awhile at least.

That said, I bought some postcards in the O.C. airport to put up in the cube at work. Just...something to think about, I guess.

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