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Way Too Busy

2007-03-15, 2:37 p.m.

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So, Tuesday night was the group interview for the coven I applied to. It was great fun. Six of us from the class (another fella wants in, but was out of town) are applying, and there's five founding members already, so those of us who hadn't met, met. Turns out one of them is also a CC person, so that was a happy. Everyone seemed to hit it off swimmingly. We discussed a bunch of theological issues, which was very interesting to talk about. It sounds like everyone is pretty much on the same page with how we want things to be run, as well. I didn't get home till after midnight (ACK) and was zonked the next day, but it was worth it.

I don't know if I am in yet- they said they'd get back to whoever was admitted around full moon time and invite them to a ritual to see if they want to join then, and those who weren't could apply later or something. But I think I'd be surprised if anyone wasn't admitted. The class group was pretty dang cool, as was the group of original members. I think it could work well. I'd love to keep going with this.

Related note #1: I think I have AD(H)D or something.

The meditation class I am signed up for is, predictably, driving me nuts. I find meditation to be very boring, but I figure it is something I really should nail if I am going to be doing the spiritual/Wiccan/whatever path. Anyway, I was saying to my shrink that this was really difficult for me, plus I was griping that I have no focus when it comes to writing any more. Haven't had that since oh, maybe December or so when the Dad shit started hitting the fan.

And she said, "Well, you might have ADD." I said this to Mom, who promptly said, "Oh, I DEFINITELY think I have ADD." (The woman gets nothing done.) Then it occurred to me that at least one of my cousins on Mom's side back East has ADHD, and I think his brother has ADD. And apparently there's genetic tendencies for this.

So I was already wondering anyway, but at the interview last night, there were two other people there besides me who, well...act like me. Bouncy, yakking a lot, wandering down the path of happy mental segues in order to tell silly stories. One of them told me afterwards that he'd been tested for ADD a bunch of times, but it didn't seem to get conclusive with him.

I don't plan on trying to get officially diagnosed/screened, really, but it's something to think about. I'm not bad enough to really NEED to- I managed to get out of college and maintain employment without major difficulty. But at times when I can't nail down my brain to work on writing, I do get kind of worried. It seems like I don't get anything done unless I am doing more than one thing at a time and switching between them. (Probably explains why I never clean, because you can't multitask that too well.)

Related note #2: Am I too busy?

The only real awkward thing I can think of with regards to coven joining is that finding time for everyone to get together might be a real pain in the ass. (Not just me, mind you, everyone else too.) Especially since a lot of stuff revolves around calendar dates, and what the hell am I going to do when the full moon's on a volunteer night?


Okay, I have too many hobbies. I know that. Well, more like, hobbies that involve me being in a certain place and time a lot.

Here's what I'm looking at for next quarter's possible schedule- and this is even before the gym schedule comes out to factor that in:

Mondays: ceramic sculpture, 5:15-7:15.
Tuesday: Tarot, 7:30-8:30
Wednesday: every other week is writer's group, all night
Thursday: volunteering
Fridays: nothing set
Saturdays: dance class AND some CC workshops AND another class I'm pondering taking in.
Sundays: nothing set

This doesn't look all that bad, except once you throw in my trying to work out for an hour or two a day, then it's...crazy. Sometimes I think, "Maybe I would get more done if I wasn't getting home late every single night, if I actually sat my ass down at home from 5:15 p.m. on. Maybe THEN I'd want to write more."

I don't really want to let go of my commitments, though. I really like what I do (I'm not doing a whole lot that I DON'T like doing), AND I want to take this new interest on as well. The one problem with that being that it's not exactly something I can easily "slot" into an area of time. Plus, sitting at home from 5 p.m. on kind of reminds me of the bad old days post-boys-dumping-me when my social life would suddenly disappear and I'd have nothing to do BUT stay home. I don't like that. Hell, it wigs me out to have that going on around Christmas break.

Related note #3: For the first time in my entire dang life (and how sad is it that I didn't do this during college?), I am going away for spring break. Namely, to visit Jess in the O.C.

I have had a horrendous time getting my shit together, though. It'd be easier if I was going in the last week of the month than it would be for me to leave on Saturday(!), since I still have volunteering (last night) tonight and really didn't have time to pack before Friday night, plus I'll have to skip work meetings (albeit not that important ones), meditation group, and my shrink if I'm gone then. The last week of the month, the only thing I'd be missing would be Craft Center signups, AND I have that Friday off from work.
Except for where I HAVE to be in person to sign up for CC classes, and there's no way I can get around that (stupid frigging computer system doesn't let volunteers sign up online and get discounts). So....CRAP.

Anyway. I finally frigging bought my plane tickets for Saturday afternoon.

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